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Manual de usuario Canon, modelo ZR930

Fabricar: Canon
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If you experience such a reaction, immediately stop the playback and take a rest break as necessary. • About the recording time: By changing the recording mode you can change the video quality and as a result, also the available recording time ( 58). • Previous recordings overwritten by a new recording cannot be recovered. Before you start recording, search for the end of the last recording ( 36). • To protect the tape and video heads, the camcorder will enter the stop mode ( ) if left in record pause ( ) mode for 4 minutes 30 seconds. To resume recording press . Start/Stop • About the Power Save mode: To save power when the camcorder is powered by a battery pack, the camcorder will automatically shut off if left without any operations for 5 minutes ( 60). To restore the power, turn the camcorder off and then on again. • When recording in very loud places (such as fireworks shows or concerts), sound may become distorted or it may not be recorded at the actual levels. This is not a malfunction. About the Mode Switch and Recording Programs Set the mode switch to to let the camcorder adjust all the settings for you, allowing you to just point the camcorder and start shooting. Set the mode switch to to select one of the recording programs. The Special Scene recording programs ( 37) offer a convenient way to select the optimal settings to match special recording conditions. The [ PROGRAM AE] recording program ( 39), on the other hand, allows you to set the shutter speed you want, or enjoy the flexibility to change other settings. Video 30 Zooming: Optical, Advanced and Digital Zoom The camcorder offers three types of zoom: optical, advanced and digital zoom. You can also change the zoom speed. Selecting the Zoom Type Options .. Default value Using the Viewfinder When recording in bright places it may be difficult to use the LCD screen. In such case, change the brightness of the LCD screen ( 26, 59) or use the viewfinder instead. To use the viewfinder, keep the LCD panel closed*. Adjust the viewfinder as necessary with the dioptric adjustment lever. * The LCD screen and the viewfinder can be used simultaneously only when the LCD panel is turned 180 degrees to face the subject ( 25). ( 21) [OPTICAL] (37x) The zoom range is limited to the optical magnification ratio of the lens. [ADVANCED].. (Advanced Zoom) In addition to the optical zoom range, the camcorder processes the image digitally to obtain a larger zoom range without any deterioration in image quality. When recording movies with a 16:9 aspect ratio, the field of view (picture angle) will change. Refer to the table in the NOTES section. [DIGITAL] (2000x) When this option is selected, the camcorder will switch to digital zoom (light blue area on the zoom indicator) when you zoom in beyond the optical zoom range (white area on the zoom indicator). With the digital zoom the image is processed digitally so image quality will deteriorate the more you zoom in. FUNC. ( 22) FUNC. [ MENU] [ CAMERA SETUP] [ZOOM TYPE] Desired option FUNC. NOTES • The zoom range of the advanced zoom will change depending on the aspect ratio of the scene ( 57). • The advanced zoom cannot be selected if [WIDESCREEN] is set to [ OFF]. [WIDESCREEN] set to [ ON] (16:9) 48x* 41x** * The picture angle will be wider at both full telephoto and full wide-angle. **The picture angle will be wider at full wide-angle. [WIDESCREEN] set to [ OFF] (4:3) 55x, Not available Selecting the Zoom Speed ( 21) Options .. Default value [ VARIABLE]• The variable zoom speed depends on how you operate the zoom lever: Press gently for slower zooms; press harder for faster zooms. With this option, the zoom speed will be faster in record pause mode. [ SPEED 1], [ SPEED 2], [ SPEED 3] Constant zoom speeds. [ SPEED 3] is the fastest, and [ SPEED 1] is the slowest. FUNC. ( 22) FUNC. [ MENU] [ CAMERA SETUP] [ZOOM SPEED] Desired option FUNC. NOTES The fastest zoom speed can be achieved with the [ VARIABLE] setting. Using the Zoom W Zoom out Zoom in T Move the zoom lever toward W to zoom out (wide-angle). Move it toward T to zoom in (telephoto). NOTES • Keep at least 1 m (3.3 ft.) to the subject. At full wide-angle, you can focus on a subject as close as 1 cm (0.39 in.). • You can also use the T and W buttons on the wireless controller. The zoom speed with the wireless controller will be the same as with the camcorder or fixed at [ SPEED 3] (when [ VARIABLE] is selected). 31 Video 32 Quick Start Function When you press the camcorder enters the standby mode. In standby mode the camcorder consumes only about half the power used when recording, saving energy when you are using a battery pack. Additionally, when you press again the camcorder is ready to start recording within approx. 1 second, ensuring you do not miss important shooting opportunities. 1 Press firmly. The standby lamp flashes at first while the camcorder is preparing and then stays on when it enters the standby mode. 2 When you wish to resume recording, press a...

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