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Manual de usuario Delta, modelo Widespread Lavatory Faucet 31730001

Fabricar: Delta
Tamaño del archivo: 1.2 mb
Nombre del archivo: hruh0147.pdf
Idioma del manual:en
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Resumen del manual

Place it in the sink outlet. From under the sink, install the black mack gasket, white friction ring and retainer nut to the flange. Do not tighten the nut against the bottom of the sink at this time. Thread the tee and tailpiece to the flange. The pivot must face the faucet. If necessary, turn the drain assembly. Tighten the retainer nut. Place the plunger assembly in the drain. Install the horizontal rod so that the end goes through the loop in the bottom of the height adjuster. Install and hand tighten the pivot ball nut. Attach the swivel connector to the end of the horizontal rod. Attach the swivel connector to the end of the pull rod. Position as desired and tighten with a small, flathead screwdriver. plunger height adjuster flange sealing gasket mack gasket pull rod friction ring retainer nut tee pivot ball nut tailpiece horizontal rod swivel connector User Instructions Turn the right handle forward (clockwise) to turn the cold water on. Turn the handle back (counter- clockwise) to turn the cold water off. Turn the left handle forward (counter-clockwise) to turn the hot water on. Turn it back (clockwise) to turn the hot water off. Replacement Parts 10 13 15 14 7 8 11 1 12 4 9 2 1 handle - hot 97503XX0 handle - cold 97502XX0 2 valve set 97960001 3 hot cartridge 94009000 4 cold cartridge 94008000 5 connection hose 94071001 6 3/8" compression ftg 88513000 7 aerator 13085000 8 pull rod 96657XX0 9 spout mounting kit 13961000 10 spout 97504XX0 11 spout escutcheon 97505XX0 12 o-ring 11 x 2 98127000 13 bidet spout 97506XX0 14 aerator 97360XX0 15 ball joint 97362XX0 16 aerator 94010XX0 17 handle, hot 95337XX0 18 handle, cold 95338XX0 19 spout 95339XX0 XX = finish 00 = chrome 82 = brushed nickel 3 5 6 Metris 19 16 7 8 8 11 11 18 12 12 4 4 2 17 2 9 9 3 3 5 5 6 6 Talis Focus Cleaning Recommendation for Hansgrohe Products Modern lavatory faucets, kitchen faucets, and showers consist of very different materials to comply with the needs of the market with regard to design and functionality. To avoid damage and returns, it is necessary to consider certain criteria when cleaning. Cleaning Materials for Faucets and Showers Acids are a necessary ingredient of cleaning materials for removing lime, however please pay attention to the following points when cleaning faucets and showers: Only use cleaning materials which are explicitly intended for this type of application. Never use cleaning materials which contain hydrochloric, formic, phosphoric, or acetic acid, as they cause considerable damage. Never mix one cleaning material with another. Never use cleaning materials or appliances with an abrasive effect, such as unsuitable cleaning powders, sponge pads, or micro fiber cloths. Cleaning Instructions for Faucets and Showers Please follow the cleaning material manufacturer’s instructions. In addition, pay attention to the following points: Clean the faucets and showers as and when required Use the amount of cleaning product and the amount of time recommended b...

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