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Manual de usuario Magnavox, modelo ZV450MWB

Fabricar: Magnavox
Tamaño del archivo: 9.86 mb
Nombre del archivo: de7cdbbb-3951-41bf-805e-c27b180870af.pdf
Idioma del manual:en
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Resumen del manual

• If you record a disc using a personal computer, even if it is recorded in a compatible format it may not be played back because of the settings of the application software used to create the disc. (Check with the software publisher for more detailed information.) • Since the recording is made by the VBR (variable bit rate) method, depending on the picture you are recording, the actual remaining time for recording may be a little shorter than the remaining time displayed on the TV screen. • You cannot record copy-protected program using this unit. (Copy-protected signal is included in DVD- video or some satellite broadcasts.) • You cannot record “copy-once only” program on DVD. EN ENEN 33 E9C80UD.indd 33 2006/12/19 14:03:12 BEFORE RECORDING Make Recording Compatible Setting for Auto Chapter BEFORE RECORDING Make Recording Compatible Setting for Auto Chapter Use this feature to make the unfinalized + VR mode discs recorded on other unit recordable on this unit. When you make an additional recording on this unit with “Replace Disc Menu” set to “ON”, the title menu is automatically converted to our style. 1) Press [SETUP]. 2) Use [K / L] to select “Recording”, then press [OK]. “Recording” menu will appear. 3) Use [K / L] to select “Replace Disc Menu”, then press [OK]. 4) Use [K / L] to select “ON” or “OFF”, then press [OK]. Replace Disc Menu OFF ON DVD ON: Title list will be replaced when you make additional recordings to the discs recorded by other units. OFF: Prohibiting additional record to the disc that has a title list created by other units. 5) Press [SETUP] to exit. You can set a specified time for chapter marks. 1) Press [SETUP]. 2) Use [K / L] to select “Recording”, then press [OK]. “Recording” menu will appear. 3) Use [K / L] to select “Auto Chapter”, then press [OK]. 4) Use [K / L] to select a desired time option, then press [OK]. Auto Chapter 5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes 30 minutes 60 minutes OFF DVD 5) Press [SETUP] to exit. Note • The interval for auto chapter marks may slightly differ. • A blank chapter may be created depending on the remaining time of the disc. 34 EN ENEN E9C80UD.indd 34 2006/12/19 14:03:13 BASIC RECORDING & ONE-TOUCH TIMER RECORDING Follow the steps to record TV programs. STANDBY-ONDTV/TV ABCDEF.@/: JKLMNOGHITUVWXYZSPACECLEAR SETUPDISC MENU RETURNTITLE CHANNELTIMERREC MODEAUDIORECRAPID PLAYCM SKIP PQRSSOURCE . OK -- o p B B ij i gh s DISPLAY OPEN/CLOSEVCR DVDD.DUBBING TIMERSETSEARCH STANDBY-ON OPEN/CLOSE A ABC DEF.@/: JKL MNOGHI TUV WXYZ SPACE PQRS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 0 9 F C CHANNEL +-- REC MODE REC I TIMER SET DVD 1 1 Press [STANDBY-ON y yy]. Turn on the TV and be sure to select the input to which the unit is connected. Press [DVD]. 2 2 Press [OPEN/CLOSE A] to open the disc tray and insert your disc with its label facing up. Align the disc to the disc tray guide. * Make sure the disc is compatible with this unit. (Refer to page 33 for the list of compatible discs.) 3 3 Press [OPEN/CLOSE A] to close the disc tray. It may take a while to load the disc completely. • When inserting a brand-new DVD+RW/DVDRW, the unit automatically starts to format. • If titles have been recorded on the disc, the title list is displayed. Press [STOP C] to exit the title list. 4 4 Press [REC MODE] to select a recording mode. Refer to “Recording Mode” on page 33 for DVD. HQ (1Hr) 0:58 5 5 Use [CHANNEL / ] or [the Number buttons] to select a desired channel to record. CH 12 Introduction Connections Basic Setup Recording Playback EditingFunction Setup VCR Functions Others Espanol Instructions continue on the next page. EN ENEN 35 E9C80UD.indd 35 2006/12/19 14:03:13 BASIC RECORDING & ONE-TOUCH TIMER RECORDING BASIC RECORDING & ONE-TOUCH TIMER RECORDING 6 6 Press [REC I] to start recording. 7 Press [STOP C] to stop recording. “I” will be displayed for 5 seconds.The recorded title will appear in the title list. (Refer to “Guide to a Title List” on page 65.) e.g.) DVD+R Writing to Disc 90% 1 SP(2Hr) 2 EMPTY TITLE 1:41:17 SP(2Hr) NOV/21/07 11:00AM CH12 SP NOV/21/07 0:20:44 • Press [STOP C] to exit the title list. I Press [PAUSE F] to pause recording. Press [PAUSE F]] or [REC I] again to restart recording. To set one-touch timer recording (OTR)... This is a simple way to set the recording time in blocks of 30 minutes. Press [REC I] repeatedly until the desired recording time (30 minutes to 6 hours) appears on the TV screen. One-touch timer recording will start. 0:30 (normal recording) 6:00 5:30 1:00 I 0:30 • To cancel one-touch timer recording within the specified time, press [STOP C]. Note • When you press [REC I], recording starts immediately and continues until the disc is full or you stop recording. • This unit cannot record images as aspect ratio of 16:9. The 16:9 images will be recorded as 4:3. • When the unit clock has not been set, the space for a date and time of title names will be blank. • When you record a TV program, you have to select the TV channel audio beforehand. Only the selected channel...


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