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Manual de usuario Beko, modelo DVD 2006

Fabricar: Beko
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Resumen del manual

This is because the high-resolution pictures of DVD discs contain a wide range of information. The extent of the interference depends on the TV set connected with the DVD player, and it is recommended that you set the TV set to a low contrast ratio when watch a DVD disc. Playback Control mi/i//i/u W0/00 1100 1 .Direction. Buttons Press the direction buttons to move the cursor to the selected item, then press the ENTER button to confirm it. 2.Play Press this button to play the disc. 3. Pause/Step Press this button once to pause the playback, and press this button twice to step the playback 4. Clear Press this button to clear the input digits (displays on the screen) when programming tracks or in searching operation. 5 .Number Buttons When playing a VCD disc, press the number buttons directly to play your favorite track in PBC off status. If the track number is from 1 to 9, you can directly press the number. If the track number is more than 9, you should use button 10+ and the other number buttons together to select the track, eg.: for track 25, first, press the 10+ button twice, then press button 5. 6.STOP When playing a DVD disc, press this button the first time during playback, the DVD player memorizes the location where you stopped (press PLAY to resume playback from the memorized point). Press this button again to stop the disc (then press PLAY to start playing from the beginning of the disc). 7.FWD/REV You may speed up a DVD , CD, VCDor Mp3 disc by pressing the FWD / REV buttons on the Remote control. You can fast reverse at 2X,4X,8X and 20X. 8. SLOW The DVD player allows for Slow Motion playback. Press this button to select :l/2-i/3~l/4-l/5~l/6~l/7 Press PLAY button to resume normal playback. 9.NEXT /PREY Press skip to select the next (previous) chapter (for DVD) or track {for VCD/CD/MP3). 10.ZOOM This feature allows you to enlarge the picture on screen 2X , 3X, 4X,1/2XJ/3X\ and 1/4X the original size . Press the ZOOM button to cyclically scroll through the available strengths 11.A-B You can replay a specific portion of a disc repeatedly using this function Press the A-B button on the Remote control to select the starting point for the section to be repeated. Press the A-B button on the Remote control again to select the ending point This section will now continue to repeat until; A-B is pressed for a third time to resume normal playback 12. REPEAT This function can be used to repeatedly play a Title Chapter, Track or other part of a disc. DVD-Press REPEAT on the Remote Control to cyclically select CHAPTER REPEAT-TITI.E REPEAT -REPEAT ALL-REPEAT OFF . CD/VCD - When PBC is off, Press REPEAT on the Remote Control to cyclically select REPEAT ONE-REPEAT ALL-REPEAT OFF. 13. PROGRAM You can program the player to play a customised order of specific tracks , title or chapters . To program a DVD follow the instructions below. 1 )Press the PROGRAM button to initiate the program function 2)Press LEFT or RIGHT to highlight either T for title or C for CHAPTER 3)Press the Numeric button of the desired title and chapter 4)Highlight PLAY on the screen using the direction button and press ENTER. Your programmed list w will now be set 5)Press the PLAY button after programming to begin playback of the memorised play-list. The memory is erased if the disc tray is opened . The unit is powered OFF or the STOP button is pressed twice. For CD programming follow the above steps I -5 .For steps 2-3, enter the track number instead of the title and chapter numbers 14.SEARCH Press this button to search the playback point by chapter number or title time (for DVD discs), disc time or track time or track number (for SVCD/VCD/CD discs) 15.N/P Press this button to swith the TV type ,NTSC-PAL-AUTO hr 16. DISPLAY Press this key to display on TV the time information of current playback. For different discs, different choices are available. 17. MENU For DVD discs, press this button to enter DVD menu (if supported by the discs). 18. PBC For SVCD or VCD2.0 discs, press this button to open/close the PBC functions. ain the PBC display of the SVCD or VCD2.0, if the PLAY button is pressed, the player will enter PBC playback status. If the PBC is turned off, the disc will be played as VCD1.0/1.1. b.When PBC is set to ON, menu of the disc appears on the screen, press the number buttons to select and play the track you want. c.Press this button to return to the interface of selecting tracks. Set Hot Button 19. OPEN/CLOSE Press this button to open or close the disc tray. 20. POWER When this button is pressed, the DVD player will enter standby status, and on the VFD screen it will displays -OFF-. Press this button again to resume the player. Note: When the Player is not used for a long period,please pull off die power plug. 21. VIDEO The user can adjust the output mode of the pictures among 1NTERLACE-YU V , TV-RGB P-SCAN YPBPR or S- Video output. This button is a hot button, it has th...


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