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Manual de usuario JVC, modelo XV-BP1

Fabricar: JVC
Tamaño del archivo: 1.8 mb
Nombre del archivo: LVT2007-001B.pdf
Idioma del manual:en
Fotos y especificaciones  JVC  XV-BP1
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Resumen del manual

which are located on the rear of cabinet. Retain this information for future reference. Model No. Serial No. INSTRUCTIONS BD310-JN_BUSAJJK_OM_ENG 2/27/09 4:58 PM Page 2 This equipment may generate or use ’ ’ ’ As an ENERGY STAR® Partner, JVC has determined that this product or product models meet the ENERGY STAR® guidelines for energy efficiency. (dripping or splashing) and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the apparatus. 2 BD310-JN_BUSAJJK_OM_ENG 2/27/09 4:58 PM Page 3 3 Introduction1. Read these instructions. 2. Keep these instructions. 3. Heed all warnings. 4. Follow all instructions. 5. Do not use this apparatus near water. 6. Clean only with dry cloth. 7. Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. 8. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat. 9. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or grounding-type plug. A polarized plug has two blades with one wider than the other. A grounding type plug has two blades and a third grounding prong. The wide blade or the third prong are provided for your safety. If the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult an elec- trician for replacement of the obsolete outlet. 10. Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point where they exit from the apparatus. 11. Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer. 12. Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table specified by the manufacturer, or sold with apparatus. When a cart is used, use caution when moving the cart/product combination to avoid injury from tip-over. 13. Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time. 14. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the product has been damaged in any way, such as power-supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, the product has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or has been dropped. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS BD310-JN_BUSAJJK_OM_ENG 2/27/09 4:58 PM Page 4 Notes on Copyrights • Because AACS (Advanced Access Content System) is approved as content protection system for BD format, similar to use of CSS (Content Scramble System) for DVD format, certain restrictions are imposed on playback, analog signal output, etc., of AACS protected contents. The operation of this product and restrictions on this product may vary depending on your time of purchase as those restrictions may be adopted and/or changed by AACS after the production of this product. Furthermore, BD-ROM Mark and BD+ are additionally used as content protection systems for BD format, which imposes certain restrictions including playback restrictions for BD-ROM Mark and/or BD+ protected contents. To obtain additional information on AACS, BD-ROM Mark, BD+, or this product, please contact an authorized Customer Service Center. • Many BD-ROM/DVD discs are encoded with copy protection. Because of this, you should only connect your player directly to your TV, not to a VCR. Connecting to a VCR results in a distorted picture from copy-protected discs. • This product incorporates copyright protection technology that is protected by U.S. patents and other intellectual property rights. Use of this copyright protection technology must be authorized by Macrovision, and is intended for home and other limited viewing uses only unless otherwise authorized by Macrovision. Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited. • Under the U.S. Copyright laws and Copyright laws of other countries, unauthorized recording, use, display, distribution, or revision of television programs, videotapes, BD-ROM discs, DVDs, CDs and other materials may subject you to civil and/or criminal liability. Licenses Java and all Java-based trademarks and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Manufactured under license under U.S. Patent #: 5,451,942; 5,956,674; 5,974,380; 5,978,762; 6,487,535 & other U.S. and worldwide patents issued & pending. DTS is a registered trademark and the DTS logos, Symbol, DTS-HD and DTS-HD Advanced Digital Out are trademarks of DTS, Inc. © 1996-2008 DTS, Inc. All Rights Reserved. HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI licensing LLC. “BD-LIVE” logo is a trademark of Blu-ray Disc Association. “DVD Logo” is a trademark of DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation. “x.v.Color” is a trademark of Sony Corporation. “Blu-ray Disc” is a trademark. “BONUSVIEW” is trademark of Blu-ray Disc Association. This product is licensed under th...


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