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Manual de usuario Panasonic, modelo PVM1378W

Fabricar: Panasonic
Tamaño del archivo: 1.19 mb
Nombre del archivo: PVM1378W.PDF
Idioma del manual:en
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Resumen del manual

7MHz MEMORY:PUSH ADO/OLT KEY FM 1 87. 7MHz 12:00PM FM 1 87. SMHz £> Press a NUMBERED key (1-9) to select a preset station (see steps a~d above). Note: Once stations are preset, the selected station and current time will be displayed when FM/TV is pressed ON. After 10 seconds the station disappears. To remove the time, press DISPLAY. If DISPLAY is pressed while the station is still on screen or there is no display, the Combination VCR status screen appears. To cancel FM Radio mode, press FM/TV again to return to the normal screen. If INDEX is pressed while in the FM radio mode, you will not be able to select other stations with the NUMBERED keys. You can not record FM radio stations onto a Video cassette tape. You may get improved FM reception for some stations by repositioning the Combination VCR. You can not select the FM Radio mode during playback or record, or while a blue back screen (ACTION, PROG, and ON-TIMER) is displayed. 15 Basic TV Operation ► Playback a Tape |\^Check list before you begin. O All connections are made {see page 5). □ Your Combination VCR is plugged in. TRACKING/ V-LOCK FF/REW Search PAUSE QjD-©j ©■©* О © © © SLOW Caution: Please inspect your cassette tapes and remove any loose or peeling labels to prevent them from becoming jammed in your unit. 16 1 Insert a cassette. • The Combination VCR power comes on automatically. 2 Press PLAY on the remote control or Combination VCR to start playback. • Playback begins automatically if cassette has no record tab (see page 24). 3 Press STOP on the remote control or Combination VCR to stop playback. • To rewind the tape, press REW. 4 Press STOP/EJECT on the Combination VCR to eject the cassette. • You may eject a cassette with power on or off. To Find a Particular Scene During Playback Press REW or FF on the remote control or Combination VCR to quickly locate a scene. • Search speed for SP mode tapes is 7 times and SLP mode tapes 21 times the normal speed. • Some noise bars will appear during search. Special Effects During Playback These features work best in SP or SLP mode. The sound will be muted. Slow Motion Playback Press SLOW to start slow motion playback. Press PLAY or SLOW to release. Still (Freeze) Frame Picture Press PAUSE to freeze and release the picture. • To reduce picture noise, first press SLOW. Next, use the 3 or 6 NUMBERED key on the remote control or CH at on the Combination VCR to clear up the picture. Now, press PAUSE. Frame by Frame Advance While in Still mode, press SLOW repeatedly or hold down to advance the still picture one frame at a time. Press PAUSE or PLAY to release. (After the Combination VCR is in Still or Slow mode for 3 minutes, it will switch to the Stop mode automatically to protect the tape and the video head.) Features for a Quality Picture Digital Auto Tracking This feature continuously analyzes the signal and adjusts for optimum picture quality. Manual Tracking Control Use during Playback and Slow Motion mode to reduce picture noise. Press the 3 or 6 NUMBERED key on the remote control or CH on the Combination VCR until the picture clears up. To return to Auto Tracking, press POWER off and then on again. V-Lock Control In Still mode, the 3 or 6 NUMBERED key on the remote control or CH aw on the Combination VCR operate as a V-Lock control to reduce jitter. Press one of these keys until the picture is stabilized. Record On a Tape |\^Check list before you begin. O All connections are made (see page 5). □ Your Combination VCR is plugged in. 5 PROGRAM Л TIMED In^lnatnr “ RECORD TIMER Indicator ^ Indicator ACTION / О © © О © © © ©-Ф © ©г PAUSE Selecting the Input Mode You can select the Input Mode in either of the following ways. ■ Press CH AT . The display will change in the order below. C—► 1 — 2 — 3-«v (CABLE) (CABLE) (jv) J LINE*-125 or 69*— ■ a Press ACTION to display the MAIN MENU, b Press AT to select “TV,” and then press ACTION to display the SET UP TV screen. с Press AT to select “INPUT SELECT,” and then press ► repeatedly to select “TUNER" or “LINE." Insert a cassette with record tab. The Combination VCR power comes on automatically. 2 Press CH AT, or NUMBERED keys on the remote control to select a channel. • Or, press CH at on the Combination VCR. • To record from an outside source, press CH at to select LINE input (see bottom of this page). Press SPEED repeatedly until the desired tape speed is displayed (see page 25). SP = Standard Play LP = Long Play SLP = Super Long Play REC ABC Press REC/TIME on the remote control to start recordino. • Or, press REC/TIME on the Combination VCR. • To edit out unwanted portions, press PAUSE to pause the recording in progress. To release, press PAUSE again. • You can not view another channel during recording. TO SET SPECIFIC REC TIME PLEASE PUSH REC KEY One Touch Timer Recording (OTR) The Combination VCR stops recording at a preset time. In step 4, press REC/TIME repeated...


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