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Yorkville Sound TRAYNOR KEYMASTER YS1044

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Inside every amplifier we use high-grade glass epoxy circuit boards, low-noise metal film resistors, phone jacks with gold plated contacts, chassis metal which is one to two gauges thicker than the competition’s and durable plywood construction. Built in true Traynor fashion, these great sounding combo amplifiers stand up to life on the road. The Traynor Keymaster series satisfies musicians who require rugged, reliable and highly portable equipment that faithfully reproduce acoustic- electric in

Yorkville Sound MP6D YS1014

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As a result, channel EQ settings do not affect the sound of the monitor signals, nor do the channel Gain controls regulate their volume. (Note: with an independent monitor mix, it may be beneficial to connect a graphic equalizer to the Monitor output for feedback control. Also, remember that to turn a channel off completely, you must turn off both the Gain and Mon controls). 5. Channel EFX Control Each channel has an EFX (effects send) control which adjusts the level of the channel signal being

Yorkville Sound M810

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For convenience, a table of the effects and their variables appear later in this manual and on the front panel of the M810/M1610. Parameters for each of the effects can be changed using the MODIFY control which is located next to the Selection control. For example, if a Hall reverb has been selected, the MODIFY control will let you adjust the decay parameter. Choosing the Chorus effect allows the chorus rate to be adjusted. Note: The signal sent from the internal Digital Effects Processor to the

Yorkville Sound M1610

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Connecting signals to both types of inputs on any one channel (MIC and LINE in) is not recommended. To do so may change the gain of the input circuit. Note: You may connect a stereo source to channels 1 through 6 but you must use two channels, one for left and one for right and Pan appropriately or sum to mono using a ‘Y’ cable. 2. Channel 1-6 TRIM Controls and SET LEDs The first 6 mono channels of the M810/M1610 have been equipped with an input TRIM control and are also protected by an overload

Yorkville Sound BASS MASTER 400

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It also features a passively cooled high efficiency amplifier. This two rack–space amplifier can be mounted in a standard 19" rack. We believe you will find your YORKVILLE BASS MASTER 400 to be dependable and versatile for years to come. Volume / Gain Use the 0dB INPUT for passive bass guitars, the -6dB INPUT for bass guitars with active electronics. To obtain the maximum signal to noise ratio, follow the procedure described below: i. Set the amplifier VOLUME control to 2. ii. Set your bass guit

Yorkville Sound BASS MASTER 200

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Yorkville Sound AP312

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REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIEDSERVICE PERSONNEL. INSTRUCTIONS PERTAINING TO ARISK OF FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK, OR INJURY TO PERSONSRead InstructionsThe Owner’s Manualshould be read and understood before operation of your unit. Please, save these instruc- tions for future reference. PackagingKeep the box and packaging materials, in case the unit needs to be returned for service. WarningWhen using electric products, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following: Power SourcesYour

Yorkville Sound All-Tube Guitar Amplifier YS1036

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212223242526282927212223242526282927 Chassis Layout Rear 212223242526272829 Fuse and Power Cord – Make sure to replace fuse with same type and rating. Footswitch Jack – The footswitch cable plugs in here. Uses a standard MIDI/sync cable. EFX / RVB Footswitch Jack – A .-inch TRS input that connects to a standard dual latching footswitch such as the Traynor TFS-2. The reverb or the effects in all three channels can be defeated via this footswitch. Send / Rtn Jacks – .-inch phone Input and Output j