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Thermador SEMW302

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• The oven light will not turn on when the oven is set for a clean cycle. • Do not use commercial oven cleaners as they may damage finish or parts. NOTE: Due to the high temperatures used for self-cleaning, fine lines or surface roughness may develop in oven cavity. This is a common condition and does not affect either the cooking or the cleaning performance of the oven. Before You Self-Clean 1. Hand clean the oven door edge, window, oven front frame and oven cavity edges (shaded areas below). T

Thermador SEMW272

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• Failure to grasp the oven door firmly and properly could result in personal injury and product damage. • With the door off, never release the levers and try to close the hinges. Without the weight of the door, the powerful springs will snap the hinges closed with great force. To Remove the Oven Door: 1. Fully open the oven door. 2. Raise the U-clip over the hook on each of the hinges to the "locked" position (see illustration below). This will prevent the hinge from snapping closed when the do

Thermador SEM302

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• This appliance should be serviced only by a qualified service technician. Contact the nearest authorized service center for examination, repair or adjustment. • Do not repair or replace any part of the oven unless specifically recommended. Refer service to an authorized service center. • Do not operate this appliance if it is not working properly or if it has been damaged, until an auth– orized technician has examined it. • Install or locate this appliance only in accordance with the Installat

Thermador SEM272

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Please see the Microwave Oven Care and Use Manual for safe use and operating instructions of the Microwave Oven. We hope the information in this manual will help you easily operate and care for your oven for years of satisfaction. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments. Phone us at 1-800-735-4328 or reach us through our website at You may write to us at: Customer Support Call Center Thermador 5551 McFadden Avenue Huntington Beach, CA 92649 Always include the model number and ser

Thermador SECD302

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Durante el ciclo de limpieza automatica son normales el calor y los malos olores. Mantenga bien ventilada la cocina. Despues de la limpieza automatica • Cuando termina el ciclo de limpieza automatica, dentro del horno queda una ceniza gris. La cantidad de ceniza depende de que tan sucio estaba el horno antes de la limpieza. Esta ceniza se saca facilmente, cuando el horno esta frio, con una esponja o pano humedo. Si las rejillas no se deslizan facilmente despues de ser limpiadas, restriegue suave

Thermador SECD272

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17 Operaciones del horno Manual de Cuidado y Uso del Horno Empotrado Operacion del modo de asar por conveccion y del termometro Usted vera: 6. Para cambiar la temperatura del Presione termometro: 3: 29 1 4 5 145o Para cambiar la temperatura del termometro de 160°F (71°C), seleccione otra temperatura UPPER inmediatamente antes de comenzar. En la pantalla permanece la temperatura del Select PROBE temperature termometro en lugar de la del horno. then touch START Aparece un mensaje en la pantalla: •

Thermador SEC301

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INFORMACION SOBRE FUENTES Y RECIPIENTES PARA HORNO • Los recipientes de vidrio para horno absorben calor, por lo que debe reducir la temperatura en 25.F cuando hornee con vidrio. • Use fuentes adecuadas para obtener el gratinado deseado. Para obtener cortezas blandas con un dorado leve, use utensilios livianos anodizados de metal brillante. • Las fuentes oscuras, asperas o palidas (antiadherentes o anodizadas) absorben calor y producen una corteza mas oscura y crujiente. Algunos fabricantes reco

Thermador SEC272

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Use todos los productos de acuerdo con las instrucciones del envase. Consulte la ilustracion del horno en la Pagina 4 para identificar piezas del horno. PIEZA METODO DE LIMPIEZA Cromados - Rejillas del horno Lave con agua jabonosa caliente. Enjuague a fondo y seque. Tambien puede restregar suavemente con Soft Scrub®, Bon-Ami®, Comet®, Ajax®, Brillo® o almohadillas S.O.S.® siguiendo sus instrucciones. Se pueden usar los limpiadores de hornos Easy Off® o Dow® (formula para hornos frios), pero esto

Thermador SEC271

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7 Consejos generales .......................................... 8 Rejillas del horno ............................................... 9 Operacion del horno ......................... 10 -25 Ajuste del temporizador ................................. 10 Ajuste del reloj ............................................... 11 Ajuste de las luces ......................................... 11 Operacion de precalentamiento rapido .......... 11 Operacion del modo de hornear .................... 12 Consejos para

Thermador HDI

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S. A. 7/98 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING - TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK, OR INJURY TO PERSONS, OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING: CAUTION: FOR VENTILATION USE ONLY. DO NOT USE TO EXHAUST HAZARDOUS OR EXPLOSIVE MATERIALS OR VAPOR. 1. Use this unit only in the manner intended by the manufacturer. If you have questions, contact the manufacturer (800-735-4328). 2. Before servicing or cleaning the unit, switch power off at sen/ice panel and lock service panel to prevent power from bei