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See Figure 1. Hardware Installation Hardware Installation Static Electricity Discharge may permanently damage your system. Discharge any static electricity build up in your body by touching your computer’s case for a few seconds. Avoid any contact with internal parts and handle cards only by their external edges. 1. Turn OFF the power to your computer and any other connected peripheral devices. 2. Unplug the power cord from the computer. 3. Remove the computer cover. 4. Remove the slot bracket f


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Also, make sure to reset your HDMI sources to output 720p 4 Setting at this mode may cause compatibility issues amongst different HDMI sources and displays. If you cannot get the audio and/or video output, change the DIP switch setting to default mode or safe mode to verify the functionality of the device 5 EDID learning mode - set Pin #1 - ON first then connect the HDTV set to the HDMI In via HDMI cable, wait for 20 seconds to complete the EDID learning process. To learn the EDID of another HDT

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The 4-port and 8-port models come with 4 and 8 outputs, respectively. On/ Off switch Figure 1: Rear Panel Note: To daisy chain, connect the MONITOR port of the first splitter to the PC port of the next splitter. Hardware Installation 1. Power off the computer and monitors you plan to connect to this splitter. 2. Connect your computer's VGA out to the splitter's PC connector using a VGA cable (not included). 3. Connect your VGA monitors to the splitter's MONITOR connectors using VGA cables

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Power off all devices you plan to connect to this splitter. 2. Connect your SDI source to the splitter's SDI IN connector using a SDI cable (not included). 3. Connect your displays to the splitter's SDI OUT connectors using a SDI cables (not included). 4. Connect the splitter's power adapter. 5. Turn on the displays, then the SDI source. 6. The 1x4 3G-SDI Splitter is now ready to use. SDI OUT 2 Dip Switch • Re-Clock: Receives a signal and retransmits it at a higher level and /or higher