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Saab B235

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30 06 665, or equivalent, to the heating element O- ring. 20 Fit the heating element so that the electrical connection is directed towards the left-hand side of the car and the connection is between the coolant pipes and under the turbocharger coolant pipe. Do not tighten the nut holding the heating element. 21 Adjust the position of the heating element so that it is free from contact with the coolant pipes. Tighten the nut. Tightening torque 3.5 Nm (2.5 lbf ft) Connect and secure the cable to t

Saab B205

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Group Date Instruction Part No. Replaces 32 025 650 32 026 240 9:87-31 Oct 07 53 29 271 53 29 271 Sep 05 E930A393341286579101211 1 Extension cable 2 Connector plug and connector cable 3 Holder 4 Screw (x2) -M05 5Screw 6Star washer 7 Heating element 8 Locking clip 9 Cable tie (x5) 10 Clips 11 Screw (x2) M06 12 Nut (x2) M06 Saab 9-5 B205, B235 2 53 29 271 E930A26023 1 Read fully through the installation instructions and check that all the parts are present in the kit. 2 Lay covers on the wings and