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Reliable XD-EU5

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Equipped with an automatic knife sharpening system, the XD-EU5 uses the newest and most advanced technology to ensure the finest cutting quality. The use of a die cast housing ensures lightweight and easy operation, while the safety mechanisms assure the proper protection is provided for the operator. BEST USED FOR Light to medium weight fabrics Woven and knit fabric FEATURES • Automatic sharpening system • Low-profile ergonomic design • Powerfull 1” stroke OPTIONS Specify U-ground or t

Reliable XD-100

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An extra thin base plate and light die cast design make the XD-100 a pleasure to operate. BEST USED FOR Light to medium weight fabrics Woven or loosely knit fabric FEATURES • Octagonal cutting blade • Built-in sharpening mechanism • Extra-thin base plate • High-power electric motor • Carbide-tipped counter blade • Extra blade, stone, grease, motor brush and key to remove blade supplied OPTIONS Extra blades (#S135) and sharpening stones (#S150)

Reliable WST5019MEX

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NOTE: The red Thermostat Light will continue to on during use as the Iron maintains 7. Press the Steam Button willbe released continuously position. 6 NOTE: Steam can be stopped by holding the Iron in the vertical position, or by pressing the Steam Button back into theNO STEAM position. CAUTION: AVOID COMING IN CONTACT WITH ESCAPING STEAM. 8. When finished ironing, press the Steam Button into the NOSTEAM position, turn the Temperature Control Dial to the“MIN” setting, and unplug the Iron. If nec

Reliable WST5017

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the Iron back in the vertical position (on its Heel completely before cleaning or storing. NOTE: The Water Tank should be emptied after each use. Blast of Steam The Blast of Steam Button releases a penetrating blast of steam wrinkles and to iron faster. 1. When using the Blast of Steam feature, the Temperature Control Dial must be positioned to at least the “ ” symbol -- located midway between the GREEN (• •) and LILAC (• • •) settings. For best results, use the “max” (RED) temperature and keep

Reliable WST5001ZE

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6. Slide the Water Fill Cover toward the iron handle. USING AS A STEAM IRON See Before Using For The First Time. 1. Position the Temperature Control to the OFF position (see Figure 7). 2. Unplug the iron from the outlet. 3. Fill the Water Tank with water; see FILLING THE WATER TANK. 4. Stand the iron on its heel in an upright position on a heat resistant surface. Plug into a 120 V ~ 60 Hz outlet. 5. Turn the Temperature Control to the wool setting or higher. Do not use the steam function with th

Reliable WST5000ZE

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NOTE: When turned on for the first time, your new Iron may emit an odor for up to 10 minutes. This is due to the initial heating of the materials used in making the Iron. The odor is safe and should not reoccur after initial heating. 7. Turn Steam Dial to adjust steam rate. When using the maximum steam rate, the iron uses more water and it may be necessary to fill the Reservoir more often. 8. Place Iron on its Heel Rest and place on a stable, protected surface. Allow Iron to heat to selected tem

Reliable Velocity V95

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Reliable presents the Digital Velocity Compact Vapor Generator. A revolutionary and patented technology, Velocity incorporates an internal steam generator that produces more steam continuously (30g/min) than conventional irons. This guarantees a professional finish to your garments. PREVENT SHINE AND PROTECT YOUR VALUABLE CLOTHES At last steam and low temperature are compatible. The Digital Velocity generates volumes of steam at the point of the iron, so now you can iron delicate and dark gar


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Utilice su Centro de Planchado Compacto para uso domestico. 2. Para evitar riesgos de descarga electrica, no debe sumergir su Centro de Planchado Compacto en agua u otros liquidos. 3. Verifique que su Centro de Planchado Compacto esta en posicion de apagado antes de enchufar o desenchufar de la red su producto. Para desconectar el Centro de Planchado Compacto de la red no tire del cable de alimentacion, hagalo de la clavija. 4. No permita que el cable de conexion este en contacto con superficies


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• Compruebe si la prenda a planchar tiene alguna etiqueta con indicacion de la temperatura de planchado. Recomendamos clasifique las prendas en funcion de la temperatura que requieran para su planchado y empiece por las prendas que se planchen con la temperatura mas baja (•). SEDA, FIBRAS SINTETICAS: temperatura minima (•) LANA: temperatura media (••) ALGODON: temperatura alta (•••) LINO: temperatura alta (MAX) NOTA: Planchar prendas delicadas con una temperatura superior a la necesaria, perjudi

Reliable The Board C60

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The heart and soul of The Board™ is it's extra heavy-duty tube framed construction (the way ironing boards used to be made). This method of manufacturing (hand made) produces a table that is more stable, and easier to use than any other ironing table currently available. Like all Reliable™ products, The Board™ is built to last. The galvanized working surface is coated with an antirust treatment and covered with a mesh screen to ensure maximum passage of steam. The height (activated by a handy