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2. To protect against a risk of electric shock, do not immerse the iron in water or other liquids. 3. The iron should always be turned to Off . before plugging or unplugging from outlet. Never yank cord to disconnect from outlet; instead, grasp plug and pull to disconnect. 4. Do not allow cord to touch hot surfaces. Let iron cool completely before putting away. Loop cord loosely around iron when storing. 5. Always disconnect iron from electrical outlet when filling with water or emptying and whe

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CONOZCA SU PLANCHA . Boquilla del Rociador B. Ingreso de agua C. Perilla de control de vapor D. Boton lanza vapor E. Boton rociador F. Luz del piloto G. Protector del cordon H. Tanque de agua I. Perilla de control de temperatura J. Boton de auto limpieza K. Plataforma de acero inoxidable L. Medidor PRECAUCIONES IMPORTANTES Al momento de utilizar su plancha, debe seguirse las siguientes precauciones de seguridad basicas: • Asegurese de que la energia con la que se cuenta concuerde con la que vien

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·Keep it for future reference. Table of Contents · Safety Precaution · Feature · Specification · Installation instruction · Operation - Storing wine bottle - Using product - Tips ·Cleaning and maintenance ·Troubleshooting Safety Precaution To prevent personal injury to others, or damage to property, read and follow these safety precautions carefully before use and place this product. Warning 1. Do not immerse in water or pour water on the unit. Always shelter your unit from rain and snow. 2. Do