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Orion TV/DVD-1432

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When you clean the TV set, please pull out the power plug from AC outlet. Don't clean the cabinet and the 4. Do not place the TV set near rain or moisture as it may cause an electric shock, or the TV set to catch fire. The screen with benzene, petrol and other chemicals. TV set must only be used in dry in door locations. 5. The back cover must only be removed by a registered electrical service person. Removing the back cover may result in electric shock, fire or damage to the TV set. 3. Don't pl

Orion TRAILHEAD 9521

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Rotate the focus knob with your fingers until the object comes into sharp focus. Go a little bit beyond sharp focus until the image just starts to blur again, and then reverse the rotation of the knob, just to make sure you’ve hit the exact focus point. Using the Zoom Eyepiece The TrailHead zoom spotting scope line provides continuous zoom magnification of either 15-45x (on the 65mm) or 20x to 60x (on the 85mm). The magnification is adjusted by rotating the knurled rubber zoom ring on the eyepie

Orion TRAILHEAD 9520

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Congratulations on your purchase of a quality Orion spotting scope. Your TrailHead zoom spotting scope is a high-quality optical instrument for viewing birds, wildlife, sports events, or anything else you want to see more closely. It will provide many years of superb, enjoyable viewing. Before using your spotting scope, we recommend that you read through the following instructions. Please refer to Figures 1 and 2 above to identify the various parts mentioned in this manual. Attaching to an Optio

Orion TMR-BR100

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La vista de los ninos pequenos (en especial los menores de seis anos) todavia esta en desarrollo. Consulte a su medico (a un pediatra o a un oftalmologo) antes de permitir que los ninos pequenos miren imagenes de video 3D o jueguen a videojuegos estereoscopicos en 3D. Los adultos deben supervisar a los ninos pequenos para asegurarse de que sigan las recomendaciones anteriores. No modifique este producto ni permita que se caiga. Partes y componentes . . Transmisor sincrono 3D (1) Cinta doble faz

Orion STARSHOOT 52176

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Image processing software can then be used to select the best frames to combine for best results. Refocus often throughout your imaging session. This ensures at least some of your images will have an excellent focus. It is also not uncommon for telescope movements to alter the focus slightly, so be sure to refocus for any new astro-imaging targets. choosing a Site for astro-imaging Once you have a focused image, you may find your image shifting and washed out. This can be caused by many environm

Orion STARSHOOT 52174

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B 11/10 Welcome to a new world of adventure. Your new StarShoot Solar System Video Eyepiece (SSVE) is capable of displaying detailed, full-color video of astronomical objects in our solar system. The planets, Moon, and Sun (with optional solar filter) can all be imaged to create spectacular views on your TV Screen. The SSVE can even be used during the day to take images of terrestrial subjects. You’ll find that this inexpensive, yet capable and easy to use camera will enhance all of your journey

Orion SKYLINE 5673

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The SkyLine Deluxe emits a thin but intense beam of green laser light, which in a dark sky appears to stretch all the way to the stars! The SkyLine Deluxe is a nifty teaching aid, allowing you to point out stars, planets, and constellations to other individuals or groups of people. The SkyLine Deluxe’s far-reaching beam is visible not only by the person holding the pointer, but also by others standing several feet to the side. It works even in light-polluted or moonlit skies, though dark skies a

Orion Hunting Equipment

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Your 100mm f/9 ED has been designed with high quality optics and excellent mechanical construction. The ED glass in the objective lens means you’ll enjoy images with far less color distortion than those seen in a standard refractor, and the smooth Crayford focuser will make getting sharp images a breeze. These instructions will help you set up and use your telescope tube. Getting Started The 100mm f/9 ED comes fully assembled from the factory. The telescope’s optics have been installed and colli

Orion ASTROVIEW 9822

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B 02/09 Declination slow-motion control cable Right ascension slow-motion control cable Declination lock lever Right ascension lock lever Polar axis finder scope Large counterweight Latitude scale Small counterweight Counterweight lock knobs Latitude adjustment T-bolts Counterweight shaft “Toe saver” Tripod leg Accessory tray bracket Accessory tray Leg lock knob Figure 1. The AstroView Equatorial Mount. Congratulations on your purchase of a quality Orion mount. Your new AstroView Equatorial Moun

Orion 8891

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It’s ideal for guiding long-exposure astrophotographs with short to medium focal length telescopes up to 1500mm focal length. Its bright, wide-field optics serve up lots of potential guide stars on your autoguider’s CCD sensor, and it’s small enough to stash in an accessory case! Adjustment thumbscrews (x3) Lock ring Thumbscrews, camera attachment Objective lens cell O-ring (not visible) Bracket Adapter plate 1.25" Holder Dovetail foot Socket head screws (x2) #8-32 Screws 1.5mm Allen Hex nuts wr