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Ocean Kayak VENUS VENUS 11

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Tip - Use constant pressure and go slow. 5. Use the rasp to clean up the edges and smooth out the shape of the opening. 6. Vacuum out the debris. 7. Stretch the neoprene cover over the opening. It should be a snug fit. 8. Place the Plastic Oval cover on top and secure the rope to the bungee. 9. Reattach the bungee and you’re done. Step #4 photo Step #5 photo Step #7 photo Step #9 photo

Ocean Kayak TORQUE

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In addition, it is important that you follow all applicable boating regulations. Make sure you consult your dealer or State for details. OWNER’S MANUAL SUPPLEMENT FOR THE TORQUE OWNER’S MANUAL SUPPLEMENT FOR THE TORQUE • 800-8-KAYAKS 125 Gilman Falls Ave, Bldg B, Old Town, ME 04468 USA | 02 | 03 | 02 | 03 Table of ConTenTs General and Motor Safety Guidelines 2 Getting Started 3 Battery Information 4 Maximizer/Depth Finder Interference 4 sTeP 1: Make sure speed control dial is Maintenance and Pro

Ocean Kayak SCUPPER PRO 14561

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Ledge (for Notch (vertical surface for steering track) tubing and steering lines) 14561 Ledge (for steering track) Notch (vertical surface for tubing and steering lines) Notch (vertical surface for tubing and steering lines) Notch (vertical surface for tubing and steering lines) Rudder mount (insert nylon sleeve) 6-inch hatch (needed to install steering lines)BOW STERN 1 2 3 4 6 5 7 Parts Included: Tools Needed: 1 clam cleat (300099) 1 rudder assembly (300386) drill hammer 1 strap eye (300048) 2

Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11

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The Scrambler 11 is extremely stable and maneuverable. This kayak is the perfect choice for the paddler who may want to surf a little, fish a little or just cruise around. 11’ 6.5” I 3.6 m 29.5” I 74.9 cm 49 lbs I 22.2 kg MAX CAP. 300-350 lbs 1136.1-158.8 kg Oval Cross Lock hatch (bow). Molded-in seat well, 6” Cam Lock hatch with storage bucket, oversized tank well with bungee, paddle keepers, molded-in cup holder, molded-in foot wells, bow and stern carrying handles. MOLDED-IN TANK WELL

Ocean Kayak Nalu

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Perfect in flat water or moderate surf the Nalu delivers a different kind of fun on the water. Featuring carrying handles, a hybrid molded-in seat and comfortable foot wells the versatile Nalu will easily convert you from a sit-on-top kayaker to a stand up paddle boarder. So grab a paddle and stand up! Width 31” 78.7 cm Weight 42 lbs 19.1 kg Capacity 225-275 lbs 102.1-124.7 kg Unique design Seating area -Storage bungee -, % *4 Backrest ready Self-draining Scuppers Standing area Carr

Ocean Kayak Kayak

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With proper care your canoe or kayak will give you years of paddling enjoyment. With knowledgable use, it offers almost limitless paddling possibilities, at home or wherever your travels take you. To begin your adventure check with your local dealer or paddling club for paddling opportunities in your area. Other paddlers are your best source for information regarding put- ins, take-outs, trips, etc. RegisTeRing YouR boaT To register your new canoe or kayak in our warranty database, either comple

Ocean Kayak Classic Big Game

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Plenty of storage space and a redesigned drainage system for a drier ride, make the Big Game perfect for going after the “big one.” 800-8-KAYAKS JOHNSON UTDOORS LARGE BOW HATCH CARRY HANDLE BUNGEE STORAGE FLUSH-MOUNTED ROD HOLDERS ADJUSTABLE FOOT BRACES PADDLE KEEPER MOLDED-IN TRAY MOLDED-IN CUP HOLDER