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Esta garantia se limita a las piezas defectuosas y excluye especialmente todos los danos indirectos casuales o eventuales. Esta garantia no vale como poliza de seguro. Maxxsonics USA Inc. y/o Maxxsonics Europe GmbH no son responsables de los trabajos de instalacion, desmontaje, remontaje y gastos de transporte. Diseno del sistema INSTRUCCIONESGENERALESPARALAINSTALACIONDiseno del sistema INSTRUCCIONESGENERALESPARALAINSTALACION El ajuste exitoso de cualquier equipo de musica de automoviles depende


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2 V L EVEL 1 5 Hz 3 5 Hz SU BSO N IC REM O TE 3 0 Hz 2 5 0 Hz LOW PA S S 0 dB 1 0 dB BA SS EQ Mono Amplifiers ONX1.1000D / ONX1.1500D 7 FEATURES: - 1 Set of RCA inputs - LEVEL: Variable sensitivity from 0.2V to 6V - BASS EQ: Adjustable 45Hz bass boost from 0dB to 10dB - SUBSONIC: Variable from 15Hz to 35Hz - LOW PASS: Variable from 30Hz to 250Hz - POWER LED: Indicates the powered up and turned on condition - PROTECTION LED: Indicates a high voltage, low voltage, short circuit, hard clip, over he


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If you only have 1 set of RCA outputs from your - Refer to the section “Settings for Best Performance” headunit, you can simply connect those to the inputs for ch 1/2 and switch the MODE to Minimum final loudspeaker impedances: 3ch. The amplifier will auto sum the signal and provide mono output for bridged - 2 ohm per channel in stereo mode. channels 3/4. - 4 ohm mono bridged. L I NE O UT CH3 / 4 CH1/2 L R L R L INE INPUT L EVEL 6 V 0 . 2V 0d B 1 2 d B F UL L L PF HPF 60Hz 1 3 KHz 3 0 Hz 250Hz B


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2 - A short on the main +12 volt cable from the battery to the vehicle chassis will cause the main fuse to blow. System does not turn on 1 - Check all fuses. 2 - Check all connections. 3 - Measure the +12 volt and remote turn on voltages at the amplifier terminals. If these are non existent or low, take voltage measurements at fuse holders, distribution blocks, the head unit’s +12 volt and remote leads to localize the problem. Noise problems System noise can be divided into two categories, hiss,


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-When in Low Pass/Bandpass operation, this setting acts as a low frequency cut off for your system reproduction aka Subsonic Filter. The point that you set it at cuts off any frequencies from reproduction beyond this point. The 12 o’clock position is a great starting point. EXAMPLE: If you adjust the High Pass to 60Hz, the amplifier will not play frequencies below 60Hz but will play frequencies from 60Hz to the chosen Low Pass frequency. -When in Flat/Full operation, the Low Pass crossover is by


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Safe connection sequence: After all cables are run, connect speaker wires to the speakers and amplifiers, then run and plug in RCA cables. Next, connect all power, ground, and remote turn on leads. Now connect all +12 volt cables to the amplifier/s and distribution blocks and fuse holders. Finally, connect the main +12 volt cable to the battery, with the main fuse removed, and we are almost ready to power up the system. Power up the system: The following procedure may seem like overkill, but the


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Please remember that higher power systems are not necessarily useful purely for high sound pressure levels, but also to establish a headroom capability, to reproduce musical peaks cleanly without distortion. Lower power amplifiers will clip earlier than their more powerful cousins, and cause loudspeaker failure when overdriven, due to the harmonics generated by a clipped signal, thus overheating voice coils. Amplifiers should be mounted with the fins running horizontally for best convection cool


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Hiss, or white noise 1 - High levels of white noise usually occurs when amplifier level controls are turned up too high - readjust according to the procedures in section ”Setting up systems after installation for best performance” 2 - Another major problem that can cause excessive hiss, is a noisy head unit - unplug the amplifier input RCA cables, and if the hiss level reduces, the source unit is at fault. Electrical interference The inside of an automobile is a very hostile electrical environme


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The next step is to scrape the paint off the vehicle chassis , slightly larger than the ground lug, at the connection point. Drill a clearance hole in the chassis, the same size as the lug hole, and use a bolt, spring washer and nut to securely fasten the ground lug. Use petroleum jelly to coat the bolt/lug connection, to prevent oxidization with time. TIP: Use the same approach when installing head units, equalizers or any audio equipment for that matter - run short individual grounds from each


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This feature provides impact to your bass, but if not adjusted correctly, it can be over used and cause damage to your speakers and amplifiers. It is best to slowly turn this setting clockwise until the desired punch is felt. It is not recommended to exceed the 12 o’clock position unless listening at a low volume or a low recording quality as this can result in high distortion and possibly clipping. Low Pass: The Low Pass control acts as a ceiling and doesn’t allow frequencies to the right of th