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Mach Speed Technologies TRIO T4300HD

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Please see the description of Search Control. Begin Recording- This icon is located in the upper right hand corner of the screen, by the volume and time. When you tap this icon, it will immediately enter recording mode and begin recording the FM station you are currently receiving. When in this mode, follow the instructions listed in Recording mode. Explorer The Explorer mode allows you to view and access your files in a standard folder structure, or to delete files. This screen will display onl

Mach Speed Technologies TRIO G2

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Play & Pause Briefly press the PLAY button to toggle between play and pause modes. 2.Rewind and Forward When an audio file is playing, press and hold the Next or Previous button to fast forward or rewind the file. 3.Change tracks When an audio file is playing or paused, briefly press the Next or Previous button to skip to the next or previous file. Video Submenu Playback Mode To adjust your playback mode, select “Playback Mode”. You can select Sequential, repeat one, repeat all, or shuffle. Dele

Mach Speed Technologies T2800

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Thank you for your support and cooperation! Mach Speed Technologies bears no responsibility for any damage or loss of personal data due to misuse of software and/or hardware, damage to the player caused by human factors, replacement of battery, or other unforeseen circumstances. To prevent loss of your data, please backup your data regularly. Information in the manual is subject to change without notice and is subject to copyright protection. Copying or otherwise reproducing this material withou