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Kathrein VWS2991

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MSK 200. You can adjust the gain in 1-dB increments (see picture on right). The attenuator affects all Sat-range amplifier units at the same time. To equalise attenuation slopes, such as in long cable lengths, the amplifier’s pre-equalisation can be set to 2, 4 and 6 dB. The terrestrial amplifier is adjusted with its own attenuator. Connection of the amplifier to other units of the Sat reception system The easiest and quickest way to connect the amplifier to, e.g. a EXR 2558/EXR 2998 multi-switc

Kathrein VWS2551

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At the end of its service life, take this unit for disposal to an appropriate offi cial collection point. 936.3445/-/1.4e 936.3445/-/1108/2.4e Technical Data Type VWS 2551 VWS 2991 Order No. 20510045 20510021 Inputs 1 x terrestrial 4 x Sat-IF 1 x terrestrial 8 x Sat-IF Frequency range MHz 47-862 950-2150 47-862 950-2150 Gain .) dB 16 15 16 15 Adjustable attenuator setting range (1-dB steps) dB 0-15 0-15 0-15 0-15 Equalisation setting range dB - 2/4/6 - 2/4/6 Max. output level (interferences 3rd

Kathrein VOS 952-1G/953-1G

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26210086 Input frequency range MHz 90-862 Input level range dB.V 48-78 Output frequency range MHz 5-65 Max. output level dB.V 113-118 Power consumption W 3.5 Transmission protocol DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 2.0 Suitable for VGO 939, VGO 939-1G, VGF 939, VGF 939-1G, VOS 952/953, VOS 952-1G, VOS 953-1G, ORA 9022, ORA 9022-1G, ORA 920/921, VGP 9033 as of version A03 (Nov. 2008), VGP 9033-1G, VGP 9041 as of version A02 (Nov. 2008), VGF 9030/9040 16 HTE 10 - Hand-held unit With the HTE 10 hand-held unit one i

Kathrein VOS 40/F

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Margen dinamico (dB) Densidad de nivel de entrada (dB.V/Hz) CINR (dB) 936.2763/ 5-862 MHzSalida de retorno 5-65 MHz 0-20 dB 0-20 dB 0 o 6 dB Diagrama de bloques: VOS 40/F 85-862 MHz85-862 MHz 0 o 6 dB Opcion Entrada 5-862 MHz Salida 5-862 MHz Montaje: Montaje permitido Solamente por personal autorizado .Atencion! Al realizar el montaje, desenchufar siempre el conector de red. .No montar sobre materiales inflamables! .Observar las disposiciones de seguridad segun EN 60728-11 y EN 60065! a) Distan

Kathrein VOS 30/F

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Tipo VOS 30/F VOS 40/F Ref. 20910002 20910012 Enlace de avance Gama de frecuencia MHz 47 (85)-862 Amplifi cacion (conmutable) Ondulacion de amplitud dB dB 24/30 34/40 +/- 1,5 Margen de ajuste del ajustador de atenuacion dB 0-20 Campo de ajuste del corrector dB 0-20 Margen de ajuste del ajustador de atenuacion Interstage (conmutable con puente de enchufe) dB 0/6 Margen de ajuste del corrector Interstage (conmutable con puente de enchufe) dB -0/6 Nivel de servicio maximo1) (60-dB-CTB/CSO) - plano

Kathrein VGP 9033-1G/9041

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remote feed current A - 7 per input or output Max. remote feed current, local insertion A - 10 Power consumption (without monitoring) W 17.5 Return path amplifier active GENERAL Classification according to KDG 1 TS 140 D(4.4) Ambient temperature range °C -20 to +55 data-conform operation RF connections PG 11 Test sockets F-type connector Housing protection class (to EN 60529) IP 54 Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 238 . 86 . 189 Packing unit/weight pc./kg 1(10)/2.2 1) CENELEC: 41 channels 2) When the 1

Kathrein VGO 939-1G/VGF 939-1G

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hinges: 267 mm 4) As of device version Bxx from 570-870 MHz 5) For VGP 9033-1G in 1 dB steps 6) For VGF 90xx at 30 dB gain 7) For VGF 90xx at 20 dB gain VGO 939-1G/ VGF 939-1G DESCRIPTION VGO 939-1G/VGF 939-1G The compact amplifier with slide switches – VGO 939-1G/VGF 939-1G In addition to the devices with electronic setting, Kathrein offers yet another highly innovative compact amplifier platform. This particularly economical series requires no equaliser cards or attenuation pads. All adjustmen

Kathrein VGF 9030/9040

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A wide range of settings, electronic operation and excellent technical data – at an unbeatable price/performance ratio. VGP 9033-1G/9041 – VGF 9030/9040 • Modern, monitorable compact amplifiers for interactive HFC networks • Innovative operational concept: Using electronic tuning elements, set using HTE 10 hand-held unit (fewer plug-in cards and attenuation pads required, repeatable device settings) • Integrated frequency-agile 2-pilot control in VGP 9033-1G/9041enables quick commissioning: Auto


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Then tighten the clamping screws again _____________________________________________________________ Fig. 5: Horizontal alignment Fig. 6: Vertical alignment AOI 65 AON 65 AOP 65 Order Number 212340 212344 212348 Channels 21-69 21-69 21-69 Gain dB 7-9.5 8.5-13.5 9.5-15 Reception range MHz 470-862 470-862 470-862 Full width at half maximum Horiz. Vert. ° ° 58-40 90-65 57-32 70-44 50-28 59-31 Front-to-back-ratio dB 20-25 21-26 22-28 Mast clamp range O mm 22-60 22-60 22-60 Length mm 410 814 1345 Win


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The wind load absorption of the tube (q = 1,100 N/m2), the reduced values apply. According to EN 50083-1, the mast clamping length must be at least 1/6 of the mast length. If the sum of the antenna wind load moments exceeds the values put in parentheses (. 1,650 Nm at clamping point), a structural analysis is required, according to EN 50083, part 1. KATHREIN-Werke KG .. Anton-Kathrein-Stra.e 1-3 .. P.O. Box 10 04 44 .. 83004 Rosenheim .. Germany .. Phone +49(0)8031 1840 .. Fax +49(0)8031 184306