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Start in the middle, and increase or decrease as necessary. Oil Tuning Changing the HydraCoil oil in your Judy fork will alter its rebound characteristics. Rebound is the extension or return of your fork. To slow the rebound of your fork, replace the stock 5 wt. oil in your fork with a heavier weight oil (10 or 15 wt.). For further information on oil volumes and adding oil to your fork, visit our website at or contact your RockShox local dealer or distributor. To change the travel of your for


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To ensure that your RockShox fork performs properly, we recommend that you have your fork installed by a qualified bicycle mechanic. We also urge you to follow our recommendations to help make your riding experience more enjoyable and trouble-free. SHOK Steerer Tube Gabelschaftrohr Potencia (tubo de dirección) Tube pivot Stelo di sterzo Stuurbuis Coluna de diregäo Crown Gabelkopf Corona Tête Testa Kroon Coroa Oÿï'S Upper Tube (w/dust boot) Obérés Rohr (mit Gabel-Boot) Tubo superior co