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Jensen XA4300

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Green – Power applied, ON Red – Protection circuit activated, STANDBY 10 5910 XA4CH_E.p65 10 01/23/01, 12:24 PM XA4200, XA4300 ® 2CH/3CH/4CH 2 Channel The XA4200/XA4300 can be configured for three different input modes: 4 channel, 3 channel or 2 channel. 4 Channel When the input selector is set to 4 CH , the amplifier will operate as a standard 4 channel amp with all RCA inputs connected. 2CH 4CH 3CH INPUT OUTPUT REAR HI-LEVEL FRONT HI-LEVEL INPUT OUTPUT 3 Channel When the input selector is set

Jensen XA4200

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Proper installation is essential for optimal performance and long-term reliability. Please read through this manual first to familiarize yourself with your amplifier and its functions. Warranty Service If your Jensen amplifier should ever require service, you will need to have the original dated receipt. If you ever need to return the unit for any reason, always include the receipt with the product. Installation Assistance M – F 8:00 am to 6:00 pm EST @ 1.800.323.0221 365 / 24 / 7 @ 5910 XA4CH_E

Jensen XA4150

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We've tried to make the instructions in this book clear and easy to follow. For your Jensen amplifier to work right, it must be installed correctly. This manual will show you how to install your new amplifier like a pro. It's a good idea to read all of these instructions before you begin the installation. Most installations are straightforward and can be handled by a do-it-yourselfer with the right tools, patience, and the ability to follow instructions. But, do-it-yourself installation isn't fo

Jensen WMS190

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3 2a 4 11 13 12 14 15 16 18 19 17 1 20 21 2b WMS190 40W x 4 8 6 5 7 9 10 WMS19 0 NOTA: La configuracion por defecto para LOW BATT es apagado ("OFF"). Si se enmudece un audio o el volumen esta en 0, el bip audible no se escuchara. Ecualizador Presione el boton EQ (11) para encender la funcion de ecualizacion y seleccionar entre cinco curvas de bajos y agudos predefinidos: OFF > POP > JAZZ > CLASSIC > BEAT > ROCK. iX-Bass (Graves iX) Mantenga presionado el boton EQ/IX-BASS ( 11) para cambiar entre


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Protejalo del Agua No sumerja o exponga el producto directamente al agua, pues puede causar cortos electricos, incendios o danos. Protejalo contra las Altas Temperaturas Exposicion a luz solar directa por un periodo extendido de tiempo puede producir muy altas temperaturas dentro de su buque. Deje que el interior se enfrie antes de iniciar la reproduccion. No monte un radio en las proximidades del compartimiento del motor. Utilice la Alimentacion de Energia Adecuada Este producto esta disenado p

Jensen VR209TP

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Touch screen to turn back ON. EJECT: Press to EJECT CD. SOURCE SELECT: Touch to choose current PLAYBACK mode. Basic Operation AUDIO SETUP: Touch to adjustUSER AUDIO SETTINGS. DAY/NIGHT: Press to switch between stored DAY/NIGHT user settings. Touch & hold to access DISPLAY SETUP menu to adjust DAY/NIGHT settings.. MENU: Press to access main USER SETTING MENU. Press & hold to access SYSTEM SETUP MENU. SYSTEM SETUP: Touch tochoose SYSTEM SETUP mode. AUDIO: Press & hold to access AUDIO MENU. Press t

Jensen VR209

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Protect from High Temperatures Exposure to direct sunlight for an extended period of time can produce very high temperatures inside your vehicle. Give the interior a chance to cool down before starting playback. Do not mount radio within close proximity of engine compartment. Use the Proper Power Supply This product is designed to operate with a 12 volt DC negative ground battery system. Protect the Disc Mechanism Avoid inserting any foreign objects into the disc slot. Misuse may cause malfuncti

Jensen VR185

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2. Remove the two screws on the base that appear when the remote is removed. 3. Position strap around steering wheel, and pull tight. Replace plate and screws. 4. Insert battery (Lithum 2032 3-volt) into remote contol, and reinstall theremote onto the base/strap. VR185 Infrared Sensor 3.5 mm Jack (21/64 hole or 9.2 mm drill Installing the IR Sensor Select a mounting location close to the steering wheel, and drill a 21/64 hole for the 3.5 mm. jack to pass through. Route the infrared sensor wire t

Jensen VR180

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When inserted, the CD will play automatically. 16. Eject button for Cassette Eject Cassette 17. Fast rewind button 18. Fast forward button 19. Cassette Slot Important notes Operating the radio while driving can be dangerous. Traffic conditions can demand the constant attention of the vehicle operator.. Warning Please concentrate on your driving above all! Operating Instructions -4- OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 1. PWR button Press the button to turn on or off radio. 2. Rotary / Push knob

Jensen VM9114

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We hope you will find the instructions in this owner’s manual clear and easy to follow. If you take a few minutes to look through it, you’ll learn how to use all the features of your new Jensen VM9114 Mobile Multimedia Receiver for maximum enjoyment. Features................................................................................................................................1 Controls and Indicators.....................................................................................