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Interact-TV Voice Command Robot Challenge

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Your new robot responds to plain-language commands spoken into the high-tech LED wristwatch controller. It has full 360 degree movement capability and is designed to do battle with other Robot Challenge™ robots and Commando Challenge™ tanks. Each robot has a lazer cannon integrated into its right arm and a lazer target on its chest. The robot interacts with other robots and tanks using the lazer as a virtual weapon to fire at opposing machines. Maneuver your robot using the wristwatch controller

Interact-TV UM-14001-20627

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• Quiet, Safe Electric Flight. • Includes Vinyl Target. • Requires: One 9V Alkaline Battery for Transmitter One CR123A Lithium Battery for Gondola Helium (available at most party supply stores and florists) Items may differ from images depicted above Congratulations on the purchase of your Air-Tech airship. Your new aircraft is designed to be easy to fly and to survive the learning curve associated with new R/C pilots. But, as with any sophisticated device, you must learn how to operate it and c

Interact-TV Model Vehicle

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Email: Phone: Outside North America: +1 416 444 6873 Inside North America: 1 866 214 2220 Address: Interactive Toy Concepts 1192 Martin Grove Road Toronto, Ontario, Canada M9W 5M9 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Do not modify your MicroFighters! Do not point the antenna directly at the plane! Do not use in strong winds, use only inVERY mild conditions! Do not use in rain, snow or around heavy debris! Do not use near electrical lines! Do not use aroundsmoke or flames! Do not


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ONLY INDUSTRY CANADA NOTICE: CANADA ONLY Duck Hunter Xtreme is a registered trademark of Interactive Toy Concepts Limited. © 2009. All Rights Reserved. Manufactured by and distributed by InteractiveToy Concepts Limited (HK). Patent Information: EU: EP1958681 US: US2008191100 Canada: CA2607358 Aus: AU2007231617 Products and colors may vary. MADE IN CHINA. INS-44030-100422-US 8+ Item# 44030 Congratulations on your purchase of the DUCK HUNTER XTREME IMPORTANT BATTERY INFORMATION: Do not mix old and


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The BladeRunner Interceptor brings advanced, hobby-level flying technology to beginner, medium level or advanced flyers who are looking for great performance from a relatively smaller helicopter. The BladeRunner Interceptor has built-in advanced gyroscope technology for providing an ultra-smooth flight and balance control assistance. The BladeRunner Interceptor is available in 2 radio-control frequencies: 27 MHz and 49 MHz. Do not throw away this instruction manual as it contains valuable inform

Interact-TV 44028

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A new set of wings can be purchased by contacting Interactive Toy Concepts listed above. To replace the wings, do the following: 1. Make sure the Duck and the Shooter are turned off. 2. Gently remove the far corner of the wing that is tethered to the body by a ball joint. 3. The leading (front) edge of the wing is a thin carbon fiber rod. Gently pull this rod out of the gear box mechanism housing at the front. 4. Installation of the new wing is the reverse of the wing removal procedure with the