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Husqvarna X7502831700

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3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the engine will no longer start. ¦ Remove the spark plug and pour about 1/4 ounce of 2-cycle mixing oil into the cylinder through the spark plug hole. Slowly pull the recoil starter 2 or 3 times so oil will evenly coat the interior of the engine. Reinstall the spark plug. ¦ Before storing the unit, repair or replace any worn or damaged parts. ¦ Remove the air cleaner element from the carburetor and clean it thoroughly with soap and water. Let dry and reassemble the

Husqvarna X7502831600

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Remove nylon line head D E A C D NOTE Do not disassemble nylon line head. 1. Align locking hole in upper plate with notch in edge of gear housing and insert head locking tool (D). 2. Remove line head (E) by turning it clockwise until head is completely off of shaft. 3. Remove locking tool (D). Blade Installation WARNING! You must install the U-Handle and all Blade Conversion parts shown in the following instructions before operating this unit with a metal blade, otherwise serious injury may resu

Husqvarna X7502825900

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NOTE: Every unit is run at the factory and the carburetor is set in compliance with emission regulations. Carburetor adjustments, other than idle speed, must be performed by an authorized Shindaiwa dealer.. Maintenance (continued) Adjusting Engine Idle The engine must return to idle speed whenever the throttle lever is released. Idle speed is adjustable, and must be set low enough to permit the engine clutch to disengage the cutting attachment. WARNING! The cutting attachment must NEVER rotate a

Husqvarna X7502825601

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Emission Control (Exhaust & Evaporative) EPA 2010 and Later and/or C.A.R.B. TIER III The emission control system for the engine is EM/TWC (Engine Modification and 3-way Catalyst) and for the fuel tank the Control System is EVAP (Evaporative Emissions) or N (for nylon tank). Evaporative emission may be applicable to California models only. An Emission Control Label is located on the unit. (This is an EXAMPLE ONLY; information on label varies by engine FAMILY). PRODUCT EMISSION DURABILITY (EMISSIO

Husqvarna X7502825300

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If contact is made with a hard object, stop the engine and inspect the cuttingattachment for damage. Product Description Using the illustration as a guide, familiarize yourself with your machine and its various com- ponents. Understanding your machine helps ensure top perfor- mance, long service life and safer operation. Cutting Attachment Shield C282 Outer Tube Brushcutter blade Gearcase Throttle interlock Throttle Ignition Spark plugMufflerFuel Tank Hanger Handlebar Strap withProtector WARNING

Husqvarna Viking CA 150

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! WARNING! This accessory may only be used together with the intended clearing saw/ trimmer, see under heading ”Approved accessories” in chapter Technical data in the machine’s Operator’s Manual. The machine is only designed for cultivating. English – 3 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Personal protective equipment IMPORTANT! You must use approved personal protective equipment whenever you use the machine. Personal protective equipment cannot eliminate the risk of injury but it will reduce the degree of inju

Husqvarna TS200FR

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30" (76,2 cm) SLEEVE HITCH TILLER ATTACHMENT MODEL NUMBER TS200FR 02480 169689 Rev. 2 4.11.03 TR Printed in U.S.A. SAFETY RULES Safe Operation Practices for Tiller Attachments. TRAINING • Read the operating and service instruction manual care fully. Be thoroughly familiar with the controls and the proper use of the equipment. Know how to stop the unit and disengage the controls quickly. • Never allow children to operate the equipment. Never allow adults to operate the equipment without proper in

Husqvarna TRIOBRAKE EVA-2082S/1220

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This line should be perfectly horizontal and at right angles (90°) to the chosen felling direction. Felling cut The felling cut is made from the opposite side of the tree and it must be perfectly horizontal. Stand on the left side of the tree and cut on the pull stroke. Make the felling cut about 3-5 cm (1.5-2 inches) above the bottom directional cut. Set the spike bumper (if one is fitted) just behind the felling hinge. Use full throttle and advance the chain/bar slowly into the tree. Make sure

Husqvarna TRIOBRAKE 353

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See instructions under surface. the heading What is what? to find out where it is on your model. Lubricating cutting equipment ! WARNING! Poor lubrication of cutting equipment may cause the chain to snap, which could lead to serious, even fatal injuries. Chain oil Chain oil must demonstrate good adhesion to the chain and also maintain its flow characteristics regardless of whether it is warm summer or cold winter weather. As a chain saw manufacturer we have developed an optimal chain oil which,

Husqvarna Trailer 275

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Siehe Bild 5. 8. Die Schrauben (J) durch das Unterteil des Wagens und die Befestigungsbeschläge anbringen. Sicherungsscheiben (K) und Muttern (L) montieren. Nur diese leicht anziehen (die Schrauben werden von der Innenseite des Wagens montiert). Siehe Bild 5. 9. Die Beschläge (S) an die Rückwand montieren, so daß die Bohrungen parallel zur Rückwandverstärkung und den Wagenseiten laufen. Siehe Bild 5 zur genaueren Information. 10. Mit 6 Sechskantschrauben (F), Sicherungsscheiben (H) und Mutter