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Hoover Widepath

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*Available at additional cost if not included with your model. Continued U NOTE: Use only HOOVER detergents. They are specially formulated for use with your ‘SteamVac’ deep cleaner. CAUTION: Detergents contain Anionic and Nonionic Surfactants. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of contact with eyes, flush with cold water for 15 minutes. In case of contact with skin, wash with water. If Irritation persists, call a physician. For Medical Information (U.S.) call 1-800-752-7869. 2-11 B Pour d

Hoover Ultra Plus

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For furniture too heavy to move, place aluminum foil or wax paper under legs. This will prevent wood finishes from staining carpet. Pin up furniture skirts and draperies. e. Pretreat spots and heavy traffic areas with HOOVER@ PreCleaner*Test PreCleaner for colorfastness by first spraying it on a hidden area; wait ten minutes and blot with white paper towels or cloth. If no color change is visible, spray PreCleaner onto spots and traffic areas. Wait at least ten minutes. Use your ‘SteamVac’ deep

Hoover TurboPOWER

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The powered hand tool is shipped in a as shown at arrow. To reposition the tool, reverse this proce plastic bag for protection. Remove the dure. bag before using the tool by first opening tool door. 1 - 1 6 How to reattach tool cover The tool cover is designed with a breakaway feature which allows it to snap free if it is pushed open too far. To reattach, align hinges of cover with holes on sides of tool storage area. 2. How to use 2. How to use The assembled deep cleaner will look like the draw

Hoover SteamVacTM V2TM

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3-10 to 3-12. 2. Place handle in upright position. 3. Fill clean water tank according toinstructions for Figs. 2-9 to 2-12. 4. Fill detergent container with HOOVERBare Floor Cleaner according to instructions for Figs. 2-13 to 2-15. 5. Attach tool to end of hose. 6. Hold scrub tool above area to be cleaned and press trigger to dispensesolution. 7. Release trigger and scrub area withtool. Pick up dirty solution withsqueegee as shown. After using scrub tool To clean scrub pad, pull it off module. W

Hoover SteamVac Y Series

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• Tenga especial cuidado al limpiarescaleras. No coloque la limpiadora paraalfombras sobre los escalones. • Use la limpiadora para alfombrassolamente para lo que ha sido disenadasegun se describe en las instrucciones. • Use solamente los accesorios recomendados por Hoover; el uso deotros accesorios puede ser peligroso. • No se recomienda el uso de cordones de extension. Si es indispensable uncordon de extension, debe tener por lomenos tres alambres de grosor 16 conenchufe de tres patillas con co

Hoover SteamVac F5910-900

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pase un trapo humedecido en agua tibia y un detergente suave para quitar el sucio. Para limpiar la maquina, no use solventes ni productos derivados del petroleo. Limpieza dealfombras Lea las instrucciones “Antes de comenzar la limpieza” en la pagina 22. 1. Llene el tanque para la solucion limpiadora (tanque superior) con el detergente para alfombras y tapiceria HOOVER de acuerdo a las instrucciones de las figuras 2-9 a 2-15. 2. Mueva el selector de velocidad a LO para una limpieza suave o a HI p

Hoover SteamVac F5903-900

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• No desenchufe tirando del cordon. Para desenchufar, sujete el enchufe, no el cordon. Nunca maneje el enchufe con las manos humedas. • No tire del ni lo transporte por el cordon, no use el cordon como un mango, no cierre la puerta sobre el cordon ni tire del cordon alrededor de bordes afilados ni esquinas. No pase el artefacto sobre el cordon. Mantenga el cordon alejado de las superficies calientes. • No use con un cordon o con un enchufe danado. Si el artefacto esta funcionando como debe, se h

Hoover Steam cleaner

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1-9 Espanol U pag. 10-14 Francais U p. 15-19 Thank you for selecting a HOOVER product. Owner’s Manual English U pp. 1-9 Espanol U pag. 10-14 Francais U p. 15-19 Thank you for selecting a HOOVER product. This cleaner was inspected and packaged carefully before being shipped from the factory. If you should happen to need assistance during assembly or operation, Visit us online at to find the service outlet nearest you (click on the “Service” button) or Call 1-800-944-9200 for automated referral of

Hoover SpinScrub

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Ask for HOOVER part no. 40308001. To store scub module , remove scrub module from tool in same manner as removing the brush module. Align openings on back of module with tabs in storage area (G). Push module into position. Afte r using tool 1. Follow steps a and b for "After cleaning on pages 9 & 10. 2. Rinse tool and hose by filling sink with a small amount of water. Turn deep cleaner ON and pickup the water with the tool. Cleaning carpeted stairs Read “Before you begin cleaning” instr

Hoover SilentAir 2000

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1-7 pag. 9-12 SilentAir® 2000 p. 13-16 Air Purifier Fanless Electronic Air Purifier ™ Index Important Safeguards ....................2 Carton Contents .............................3 Air Purifier Description..................3 Assembly ........................................4 How to Use......................................4 Maintenance....................................5 Service.............................................6 If You Have a Problem................6-7 Warranty.....................