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Harbor Freight Tools WORKSTAND 95365

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Write the invoice number on the inside of the front cover. Write the product’s serial number in the back of the manual near the assembly diagram, or write month and year of purchase if product has no number. Keep this manual and invoice in a safe and dry place for future reference. GENERAL SAFETY RULES 1. Keep your work area clean and well lit. Cluttered benches and dark areas invite accidents. 2. Keep bystanders, children, and visitors away while assembling and working with the Workstand. Distr


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When the Battery Pack requires recharging, a 3. 3-5 hour charge allows the tool to operate at full power. Charging room temperature: 50° F. – 104° F.4. Depress both buttons at the rear of each side of the Battery Pack and slide unit back 5. to detach from the Drill. Plug Battery Pack into Adapter (30) the same way it plugs into the Cordless Drill, then slide Adapter onto Charger (29), and plug the Charger into the nearest 120 volt, grounded, electrical outlet. While charging, the Battery Pack, C

Harbor Freight Tools TRAILER JACK 41006

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Never leave the trailer unattended while on the jack if possibility of roll-away exists. 2. Overloading. Never attempt to lift or support loads in excess of the rated strength of this Trailer Jack. Sudden failure of the Jack may result in serious personal or property injury. 3. Re-position the Trailer Jack before driving. Always re-position the Trailer Jack into a horizontal position (parallel to the trailer’s tongue) before moving the vehicle and trailer. Make sure the Locking Pin is in place.

Harbor Freight Tools TORCH KIT 94903

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Serious personal injury and risk of fire may result. Setting up the Soldering Iron: The Torch comes with the “Soldering Iron Adapter” already installed. It is the longer of the two adapters and has a threaded end that receives the soldering tips. If you do need to install “Soldering Iron Adapter”, first remove the “Adapter Lock Nut” then slide the “Soldering Iron Adapter” over the ceramic insulator, then thread on the “Adapter Lock Nut”. Pick the desired tip from the kit and screw it onto the en


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. (See Figure B.) 3. Your tool must be plugged into an appropriate outlet, properly installed and grounded in accordance with all codes and ordinances. The plug and outlet should look like those in the following illustration. (See Figure B.) THIS PRODUCT USES A 3-PRONG ELECTRICAL PLUG 120 VOLT, GROUNDED, ELECTRICAL OUTLET FIGURE B DOUBLE INSULATED TOOLS: TOOLS WITH TWO PRONG PLUGS 4. Tools marked “Double Insulated” do not require grounding. They have a special double insulation system which sati


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7. Do not abuse the Power Cord. Never use the Power Cord to carry the tool or pull the Plug from an outlet. Keep the Power Cord away from heat, oil, sharp edges, or moving parts. Replace damaged Power Cords immediately. Damaged Power Cords increase the risk of electric shock. PERSONAL SAFETY 8. Stay alert. Watch what you are doing, and use common sense when operating this product. Do not use the Fountain while tired or under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication. A moment of inattention

Harbor Freight Tools SPOTTING SCOPE 45344

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All rights reserved. No portion of this manual or any artwork contained herein may be reproduced in any shape or form without the express written consent of Harbor Freight Tools. For technical questions and replacement parts, please call 1-800-444-3353. Thank you for choosing a Harbor Freight Tools product. For future reference, please complete the owner’s record below: Model: Purchase Date: Save the receipt, warranty and these instructions. It is important that you read this entire instruc

Harbor Freight Tools SOLAR LIGHT SET 97294

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Keep this manual and the receipt in a safe and dry place for future reference. General Safety Rules WARNING! Read all instructions Failure to follow all instructions listed below may result in injury. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Work area safety Keep work area clean and well lit. Cluttered or dark areas invite accidents. Keep children and bystanders away while installing or servicing the Lights. Distractions can cause you to lose control. Personal safety Stay alert, watch what you are doing and use

Harbor Freight Tools SOLAR INSECT KILLER 95500

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Clean with a dry brush. Be careful not to damage the electric grid. Keep the Solar Panel clear of dirt and dust with a damp cloth. Inspect periodically. People with pacemakers should consult their physician (s) before using this product. Electromagnetic fields in close proximity to a heart pacemaker could cause interference to or failure of the pacemaker. Unpacking When unpacking, check to make sure that the item is intact and undamaged. If any parts are missing or broken, please call Harbor Fre

Harbor Freight Tools SOLAR 94519

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Adjust the position of the mounting frame to maximize exposure to sunlight. These solar panels are designed to power an exhaust fan, which is ideal for green houses, sheds, boats or house vents. Assemble the solar panel frame. 1. Press the Left and Right Triangle Frames into slots 1 and 3 on both ends of the Top Link Bar and Bottom Link bar, as shown in the diagram. 2. Push the Top Link Bar down to Slot 2 to lock the frame assembly. 3. Position the assembled frame in a location that the Solar Pa