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H2O Audio SIS L1-1A1

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mSloiduen th uen Utinl yivoeurs hale Laor caknin agu dPliabtle 'acli cthk'e. wTay into the ry to r emove the caQse. Wto verify it is locked in place. il these atachments fit any H2O Audio Housing or CasAe?. No. Our earlier housings & cases do not featur e a mehthoudsi nfogr o artcacshei.n gFo trh aen U unpivdeartseadl Lloisct koinf gc oPmlaptea tiob , please see www .h2oaQud. iHoAo..c woTh mdeo O I utsdeo tohri sS seyrsietes mC awseit hco amn easr mwbitahn ene armatbtaBancehdlthe Ctedh l iatport

H2O Audio SIS iV6-75

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W aranty does not extend to cover damage fr omo ar cmcioddeinfitc, aatbiounsse ,b tya amnpyeornineg o, tlhaeckr tohfa mn aainn tAeuntahnocreiz, ethde Hft2, Oo rA lousdsi.o S aegrveincet wil void warranty . H2O Audio wil not be r esponsible for r ecovery or r eplacement of the pr oduct in thevent of los or theft. H2O Audio, its Authorized Inter national Distributors, and Authorized Dealers make nother waranties, either expr es or implied or oraly , or in writing, with r especto any other waranty

H2O Audio S9-1A3

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If you have any concerns, or experience any difficulties with your H2O Audio product, we are here to help you, so please contact us directly. We can be reached at: 1.800.708.6080 The most important feature of your H2O Audio Waterproof Housing is the removable T-Seal. The removable T-Seal is the main barrier between the harmful water and your iPod. It is extremely important that special attention is paid to ensure the T-Seal is seating completely in all four corners and the H

H2O Audio iN2

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Proof of purchase from an Authorized Dealer will be required. A copy of the original sales receipt and a copy of the owner's portion of the warranty card must accompany all correspondence regarding the equipment covered by this warranty agreement or in direct reference to this warranty. H2O Audio guarantees, to the original purchaser only, that the equipment purchased (EXCLUDING THE iPod ) is free of defects in material and/or under normal recreational use for a period of one year (1) from date