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Geemarc TravelClock

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Keep this user guide in a safe place for future reference. Unpacking the TravelClock When unpacking the travelclock, you should find the following in the box: • 1 Travelclock unit • 3 AAA batteries • ! Carrying case For product support and help visit our website at Telephone 01707 384438 Or fax 01707 372529 CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 1 2 General Description Front Description Left Side Description DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 3 Alarm Mode Settings Switch Snooze and Alarm ON Alarm ON Snooze and Alarm OFF Mo

Geemarc RP7510

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We at Geemarc want you to get the most out of our product. And that’s why we’ve developed a manual that’s easier to use. So please take the trouble to read it - and enjoy your RP7510 to the full. What you can use your RP7510 with and what you can’t You can use your RP7510 with: • private lines • business lines • compatible, approved PABXs. If you have a problem, contact your PABX supplier. Your line must accept tone dialling. If you have a problem, contact your telephone company. Donot use your

Geemarc NeckLoop CLA 7

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When you use the CLA 7, you can also speak directly to your caller by the microphone inside the system. So, the device works as a wireless system. Compatible with our products: Ampli DECT, CL200, 400, 500 & with most cellular phones (you may need to purchase a connector if your mobile does not have a suitable headset socket). Don.t forget to switch your hearing aid to T mode. Note: OFF:LEDisoffON:LEDisgreenLowbattery:LEDisredLoopON/OFFbuttonMicrophoneON/OFF&lowbatteriesindicatorLevelknobadjustme

Geemarc Large Display Alarm Clock

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Large display alarm clock with shaker Reveil grand ecran avec vibreur GB F User guide p.2 Notice d’utilisation p.12 2 DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION Snooze key / Flash PM LED indicator Alarm LED indicator PM AL Alarm tone Alarm + ring / Off / Ring function switch Alarm off for 24H. Set hours & minutes Shaker Lo / Hi switch Alarm mode switch Set alarm Set clock Alarm and ring volume (*) Modular jack (*) Shaker jack (*) Adaptor jack Dimmer switch (*) Classified TVN-3 according to EN60950 standard. 3 1

Geemarc Jupiter 4

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1 2 2-CONNECTING BatteriesarerequiredforthephonebookandcallerIDfunction. The batteriesalsoretainthe memoriesinthephonebook.Incaseofpower cutandifthereareno batteries,the memorieswillbekept2mins. ALWAYS ENSURE THATTHE UNIT IS DISCONNECTED FROM THE TELEPHONE LINE WHEN INSTALLING OR CHANGING BATTERIES. Adaptor (option) (*)PTT plug (**) Wall socket 230V Telephone cord Adaptor cord 5 Classified TNV-3 according to EN60950 standard. *** Classified «hazardous voltage» according to EN60950 standard. Head

Geemarc Clearview Cordless Caller Display Unit

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Press Set for 5 seconds, until you see .--OPTIONS--.. 2. Press Review Forward repeatedly to scroll through current option settings. 3. Any time you wish to change a setting, press Set. 4. The last section in this option mode is name setting. If you want to exit from theoption mode, simply press Review Forward. Press Set to enter name setting for phone directory (see section below). Alarm clock setting 1. Press Timer for 5 seconds, until you see .ALARM ON or OFF.. 2. Press Set to toggle the On/Of

Geemarc CLA3

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- Pongase en contacto con su distribuidor comercial o con un tecnico de radiotelevision con experiencia si necesitara asistencia. Fold line Garantia -Desde el momento en el que se adquiere un producto Sonic Alert ofrece una garantia de un ano para las piezas y mano de obra. Tendra validez a partir de la fecha que aparece en la factura de compra. Durante este tiempo, todas las reparaciones y recambios (usted elige la opcion que prefiera) seran gratuitos. Si tuviera cualquier problema, llame a nue

Geemarc AMPLI455

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It offers amplification, helpful for those with hearing difficulties. It has a large button, easy to see and use keypad, to help stop any misdialling. This telephone is compatible with hearing aids. It is important that you read the instructions below in order to use your Geemarc telephone to its full potential. Keep this user guide in a safe place for future reference. This guide explains how to use the following telephone: Ampli455 *To use the caller display facility, you must subscribe to you