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Fundex Games Tic-Tac-Toe

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Position the tray on a flat surface at a location equal distance from all players. Each player selects a piece of felt, one large wink, and five small winks of the same color. Each player’s felt piece should be the same distance from the scoring tray. GAME PLAY: The youngest player starts the game by placing a small wink on the felt, which serves as a “launch pad.” The player tries to shoots the wink in the scoring tray by depressing the edge of the small wink with the edge of the larger (shoot

Fundex Games Sybarit

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And much of this is based on knowledge of food, drink and social conventions. It is also about being able to converse intelligently and appropriately at the dinner table. This game provides a fantastic opportunity for you to broaden your horizons about the life of luxury in a light-hearted, yet almost sybaritic manner. CONTENTS 300 Cards with 2400 Questions and Answers, 2 Decks of Sybarit Playing Cards, Score Pad, Pencil VBnRI FOR 2 TO 8 ADULTS, SEEKING THE FINE MOMENTS IN LIFE. Set Up •

Fundex Games Sting

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Place rest of chips in the center playing area (pot). Extra dice are not used. PLAY: The youngest player begins the game. Play passes to the left. On your turn: • Roll your two dice and add the numbers. • STUNG: If the sum is 2, you‘ve been Stung and you must pay the pot 2 chips. Your turn is over. • STING: If the sum is 8, you‘ve rolled a Sting! Take 2 chips from the pot AND each player pays you 1 chip. Your turn is over. (If a player has no chips, then he does not pay). • If the sum is an

Fundex Games Squeezed Out

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Release tension bar so it pushes against disks. SCORING: Large Disk = Score three (3) points Medium Disk = Score two (2) points Small Disk = Score one (1) points PLAY: Determine which player begins play. Suggestion: youngest starts and play continues clockwise. In turn, each player selects one disk they think they can remove without moving the tension bar. Players try to remove only ONE playing piece per turn. Players may either remove one playing piece or pass on their turn. Players may pas

Fundex Games Snakes & Ladders

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Youngest player starts. GAME PLAY: All tokens begin the game on square #1, Player rolls the die and moves his token the number of spaces indicated on the die. The player to the left of the first player then takes his turn. Game play continues clockwise to each player. During game play, any player whose token finishes its turn on a square with the bottom of a ladder on it climbs his token up the ladder to the square where the ladder ends. Similarly, any player whose token finishes its turn on

Fundex Games Sketchy

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' Any drawings that you crossed off with an X don't count either way. ' Tally the scores for each player on the scratch paper. Look at everyone else's funny drawings. START THE NEXT ROUND: Each player chooses a different partner, take a new piece of Sketchy Paper, and play the same as before. WiNNiNG: After 3 rounds the player with the highest score wins! ln the case of a tie the player or team with the most correctly matched drawings wins! BATTERY SAFETY INFORMATION • Never mix old and

Fundex Games Shake

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To begin a round, the scorekeeper says, “1, 2, 3, GO!” and all players roll their colored die at the same time(If all players roll the same number, everyone re-rolls). 2. Players that roll the same number score that number and are done for this round. 3. Arrange the remaining dice in a row from highest to lowest. 4. The player with the highest number goes first and has a choice. • Take the points on the die they rolled as their round score or... • Give up the points on the die for a chance to Sh

Fundex Games Reversi

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Each player selects a color; white or black, and uses the disk side that corresponds to that color throughout play. Players take two disks from their respective trays and set up play in the center of the game tray as shown in Diagram 1. The game always starts with the disks arranged in this manner. “White” always moves first. PLAY: A move consists of a player positioning his/her disk in such a manner that it traps an opponent’s disk or row of disks between two disks of his color. The player in

Fundex Games Regal 12 Backgammon

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Game play: The youngest player begins, and play moves to the left in a clockwise rotation, with each player making one move at a time. A peg may move in any direction as long as it follows the lines of holes on the game board. A player may jump over a peg, providing there is an empty space opposite the jumped peg. A player may jump more than one peg only if there is an empty space opposite each peg jumped. Players may play as partners or against each other. No player can refuse to move out of hi

Fundex Games Premium Wood Backgammon 5730

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Usually, several games are played, with the winner of each game earning points-the first to reach a score of 10 points wins the match. SETUP: 15 black tokens, 15 white tokens. Players choose to be the black or white and then set up the game board as shown below. The game tokens in backgammon are referred to as “stones.” Each player rolls a die to determine who has the first move, ties are re-rolled. The player with the highest number will begin the game by using the two high numbers of the dice