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Fire Magic WALK-A-BOUT 4201

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After you get the fire started, put the soaked chips on top of the hot charcoal. Raise the Grid to the highest position and adjust the Vents for low heat. Continue adding chips while the meat cooks to maintain the appropriate amount of smoke. Smoking is a very slow process. Therefore, allow plenty of cooking time. 4) Flame-up: Close all the Vents for at least one minute to stop flame-up. You do not have to use water. Use a high quality hardwood charcoal to make sure you get a good fire. Charcoal

Fire Magic CHARCOAL GRILL 4200

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Leave about one-half inch of space between each piece of charcoal. This will help you avoid flare-up from the meat drippings and provide more even heat for grilling. Replace Cooking Grid; you are ready for grilling. FOR INDIRECT COOKING... such as roasting large pieces of meat, use or make a pan about an inch larger all around than the piece of meat to catch the drippings. (You can easily make a pan from aluminum foil; just crease the foil to stand up about an inch on all sides and pinch the co

Fire Magic 25326-016

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Figure 2 1. CHECKING FUEL AND PROPER ORIFICES: Your Fire Magic Sideburner is equipped with orifices for natural gas unless otherwise indicated. For propane gas, smaller orifices must be installed to avoid hazardous overheating. The orifice size for Natural Gas is #49 (drill size) and for Propane Gas, the orifice size is #56 (drill size). Check the orifice size by removing the burner cap (Item#9F) and the venturi tube (Item #9C) and looking down through the hole in the center (see Figure 2 for th


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Domestic connectors are not suitable! Manual Pilot Valve All burners are equipped with constant-burning pilots. These should be manually lighted immediately after the gas is turned on and the system is checked for leaks. Pilots can be reached with a long match or taper down from the top if the grates and radiants have not yet been installed, or through the observation/adjustment openings in the valve cover between the burner valve knobs. These openings also contain the pilot valves, which are sc