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LIMITED WARR ANTY WARRANTY VALID ONLY IN THE U.S.A. WARR ANTY DVDO by Anchor Bay Technologies, Inc. (DVDO) warrants that products distributed in the U.S.A. that fail to function properly under normal use due to a manufacturing defect when installed and operated according to the owner’s manual enclosed with the unit will be repaired or replaced with a unit of comparable value, at the option of DVDO, without charge to you for parts or actual repair work. Parts supplied under this warranty may be n


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Please refer to these page numbers for more info about the functionality of these buttons: Curtain - 8 Info - 8 Standby - 8 Output Setup - 25 Configuration - 23 Picture Control - 22 Input Adjust - 20 Menu - 8 Navigation Keys - 8 Border - 18 Aspect - 17 Zoom - 18 Input Select - 16 Power - 8 Test Patterns - 23 Display Profiles - 28 Input Aspect Ratio - 19 Exit - 8 Pan - 18 4:3 - 19 16:9 - 19 Page 25: Two output resolutions have the incorrect vertical resolution in the printed manua


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It is a supplement to the iScan Duo Owner’s Manual. This release includes improvements/bug fixes in Releases 2.00 B51, 2.10 B62n. The Owner’s Manual Supplement for Versions 2.00 B51, 2.10 B62n are included in this document. NOTE: This release will force a Factory Default NEW FEATURES 1. Color Management System This section describes the new features in iScan Duo’s CMS 1.1 Secondary Color Gamut Controls (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) Secondary Color Adjustments (x,y,Y) are enabled in the Color Gamut men

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The iScan™ HD+ incorporates all the features of the iScan HD and adds scaling of high definition sources (720p, 1080i) as well as HDCP compliance over DVI. • Motion and source adaptive video deinterlacing for NTSC (3:2 and 2:2 pulldown; video) and PAL/SECAM (2:2 pulldown; video) sources • Precision Video Scaling™ technology by Anchor Bay Technologies • User defined output video resolution from 480p up to 1080p • Flexible Input and Output Aspect Ratio Control • Display Profiles - For multiple dis