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Revision Update Information: This is a revised manual. Operating System: Compaq OpenVMS VAX Compaq OpenVMS Alpha Software Version: Compaq TP Desktop Connector for ACMS Version 3.2 Compaq Computer Corporation Houston, Texas © 2002 Compaq Information Technologies Group, L.P. Compaq, the Compaq logo, ACMS, ACMS Desktop, ACMSxp, DECnet, the DIGITAL logo, OpenVMS, and VMScluster are trademarks of Compaq Information Technologies Group, L.P. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Microsoft, Windows, Windo

Compaq SS1-UM-1.05

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(1990) Principles of Environmental Physics second edition. Edward Arnold (Hodder & Stoughton). Norman J M & Welles J M (1983). Radiative transfer in an array of canopies. Agron. J. 63:743-748. Norman J M and Jarvis P G (1975). Photosynthesis in Sitca Spruce (Picea sitchensis (Bong) Carr.) V. Radiation penetration theory and a test case. J. Appl. Ecol., 12:839-878 Russel G, Marshall B and Jarvis P (eds). (1989) Plant Canopies, their Growth, Form & Function. SEB Seminar series 31, CUP, Cambridge W

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90 days Hardware Technical Support IMPORTANT NOTE At Hewlett-Packard, we take pride in our ability to service your needs. We have specialists available to help you with your technical support questions as they arise via the Web or phone (see Contact Numbers chart within this document). We want to make sure that your support needs are met and any issues resolved as quickly as possible. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Before contacting HP Customer Support Cent

Compaq Soundmax SM-CMD3010

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For safety, it is strongly recommended to read this manual carefully before connecting, operating and/or adjusting the product and keep the manual for reference in the future. Table of contents Table of contents..............................................................................................................2 Important safeguards.......................................................................................................3 Installation/Connections........................

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Острые пишущие инструменты или чернила, используемые в них, могут повредить поверхность диска. Не оставляйте никаких следов на рабочей стороне диска. Не прикрепляйте этикетки или стикеры к любой стороне диска. Чистка и уход Чистка корпуса Протирайте мягкой тканью. Если корпус очень загрязнен (не мочите его), используйте мягкую ткань. Чистка дисков Отпечатки пальцев должны быть тщательно стерты с поверхности диска мягкой тканью. В отличие от обычных пластинок, компакт-диски не имеют канавок

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El fabricante no sera responsable de posibles danos o consecuencias. .Nunca use quimicos agresivos para limpiar su lavavajillas. Algunos productos de limpieza que contienen cloruro pueden danar su lavavajillas y constituyen un riesgo para la salud! Recomendamos altamente que el consumidor final se familiarice con los procedimientos para apagar el suministro del agua entrante y para apagar la alimentacion electrica. Consulte las instrucciones de instalacion o hable con su instalador para mas info

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Click on the Move tool. Put the cursor inside the Preview window (which changes the cursor shape to a hand). Scroll the image view by clicking and dragging the cursor. Selecting the “Scan To” Device or Application To specify the device or application to which you want to send the scanned item, click on the icon that represents this device or application. The icons include: File – stores the scanned image in a file using the file name specified in the VistaScan Preferences. Print – prints the sca

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Button 2: Menu "-" selector button 3. Button 3: Menu "+" selector button 4. Button 4: Power LED 5. Button 5: Power button Models PX850AA DA - 12272 Worldwide QuickSpecs — Version 4 — 1.6.2006 Page 1 QuickSpecs HP L1906 Flat Panel Monitor Technical Specifications Panel Type 19-inch Active Matrix TFT (thin film transistor) Viewable Image Area 19 in (48.26 cm) (diagonal) Screen Opening 14.8 x 11.9 in (37.6 x 30.1 cm) (W x H) Viewing Angle (typical)*140 degrees horizontal/130 degrees vertical (10:1


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Four removable media bays contain one third-height diskette drive and one half-height IDE CD-ROM drive. Two bays can contain a second CD-ROM drive, tape drives, hard drives, or any SCSI device. Compaq ProLiant ML370 Servers support up to ten mass storage devices including the diskette drive and IDE CD-ROM drive. Figure 2-7 and Table 2-1 describe the drive configurations. 3 5 4 3 2 1 0 2 1 6 5 4 9 8 7 Figure 2-7. Drives and related components Table 2-1 Drives and Related Components Item Descripti


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art number 1-6 return (tower), part number 1-6 signal cable, part number 1-6 Index-2 Compaq ProLiant ML350 Generation 3 Server Maintenance and Service Guide Index tower-to-rack conversion, part number 1-6 socket locations, illustrated 2-29 speed 5-4 miscellaneous plastics kit, part number 1-3 miscellaneous, part numbers 1-6 labels See symbols on equipment LEDs N CPU fan status 4-12 DIMM status 4-12 NIC (Network Interface Controller) external health 4-9 activity LED 4-16 hard drive, activity 4-14