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Cilo C-102

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Categoría: El receptor y el amplificador

Important safety instructions 1. Do not expose the receiver to direct sunlight, high humidity, dirt, heavy vibration or extreme temperatures. 2. Place the unit on a solid and plane surface. 3. Make sure that there is sufficient ventilation around the receiver. Do not place the unit on a soft surface such as a carpet. Make sure that there is a clearance of 20 cm behind the unit. 4. Do not open the cabinet. Only qualified technicians are allowed clean the internal parts. 5. Make sure that liquid a

Cilo C-101

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Categoría: lector de DVD

A triangle with an exclamation mark draws the user's attention to important instructions for use and maintenance in the accompanying manual which should be studied. Symbol for Class II (double insulation). TO MINIMISE THE RISK OF FIRE AND ELECTRIC SHOCK,DO NOT EXPOSE DEVICE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. DO NOT OPEN THE HOUSING AS IT CONTAINS DANGEROUS VOLTAGE. ONLY SKILLED TECHNICIANS ARE ALLOWED TO CARRY OUT REPAIR AND SERVICE. If the power cord plug is to be replaced, it is important that the replaceme