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Avoid long time expose to the direct light or heat. .. Faults may occur if kept in extreme of temperatures. .. May become damaged if dropped or knocked. .. Problems may occur if exposed to humid and/or dusty conditions. .. Do not use if power cable or plug are damaged. .. Use only dedicated cable/adapter. .. Do not disassemble. .. Do not look directly at the light source, as this can cause damage to the eye. ... ..: CL800BT Manual Regulatory Information FCC compliance Information This device com

Celluon cl800bt

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• Se pueden producir errores si se mantiene a temperaturas extremas. • Se puede danar si se deja caer o se golpea. • Se pueden producir problemas si se expone a la humedad y/o el polvo. • No utilice el dispositivo si el cable o la clavija de alimentacion estan danados. • Utilice exclusivamente el cable / adaptador adecuado. • No desmonte el dispositivo. • No mire directamente a la fuente de luz. Puede provocar danos a los ojos. 2 MANUAL CL800BT Informacion reglamentaria Informacion de cumplimien


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Microsoft Windows 2000/XP operating system. 2. HotSync software. 3. Palm OS 5 or later. 5.2.2 Installation/ Upgrading/Uninstalling For the serial port driver, please refer to or Installation 1. Insert CD into the CD-ROM drive of the PC to run the installation program. 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the program. Upgrading Find out above new drivers by referring to and downloading drivers for installation. 36 CL800BT MANUAL Uninstalling 1. Select App .. Delete, as shown in Figure