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Bernina YC-482 1927

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Leave end of thread of about 10 cm (4”) from bobbin case. Take hold of latch and push bobbin case into shuttle Release latch when bobbin case is fully inserted. DROP FEED LEVER The lever is in the right side of shuttlecover. Fornormal sewing, move the lever to position. To lower feed dog, move the lever to position. This position is used for button sewing, darning and embroidery. Threading Upper Thread Raise presser foot lifter. Raise take-up lever to the highest position by turning handwheel to

Bernina XL1760

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more easily. 3. To sew tubular items just slip the sleeve or leg of pants on the free arm as shown on the illustration. El brazo ¡ibre es indicado para coser mangas, costuras de pantalones, tejidos tubulares, etc. Para coser tales piezas desplácelas sobre el brazo libre, como se indica en la ilustración. WINDING THE BOBBIN BOBINAR J\. Release coupling knob. 2. Thread as shown. 3. When bobbin is filled, re-engage coupling knob. 1. Aflojar el volante, 2. Enhebrar Is máquina como índica el

Bernina W2500

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Visit Visit for creative projects! Exclusive "Wide Open Threading ” means the front opens completely to reveal loopers and a threading diagram that leads the way through color-coded, lay-in threading channels. A built-in rolled edge creates beautiful finishes on linens and more. Labeled and numbered tension guides mean no guess work for adjustments. Normal tension settings are all marked. Complete accessory set comes with instructional video, instruction book, dust cover, oil, tweezers, thr

Bernina V6

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• Right click on Show Hoop. • Make sure Display Hoops is checked and select artista 400 x 150 Mega—Auto Split Machines. Draw the rectangles • Select C42 from the Color Bar. • Select the Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle by clicking in the upper left hand corner and dragging to the lower right hand corner. • Press Escape. • Select the rectangle and open Object Properties. Click on the General tab. Make sure Proportional Scaling is turned off. • Change the width of the rectangle to 70 mm and the

Bernina STYLE-MAKER 3100

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When the mode button is set at the Direct mode. Or press number buttons of the pattern number to select the desired pattern. 14.Ciear button If an incorrect pattern is selected or memorized, pressing this button wil! clear it. 15.Memory button Press this button to enter or store the created pattern combination In the memory. Lcd screen The LCD screen, located on the front at the right of the sewing machine, displays the settings for the selected stitch and error messages if operations are

Bernina Stitch Regulator

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Consistent free-motion stitching is now easier than ever thanks to this patented Bernina innovation. Versatile Stitching Effects • Straight Stitch—for freemotion quilting, thread painting, bobbinwork, quilting, freehand appliqué, double needle shadow work, raw-edge appliqué, Battenburg lace • Zigzag Stitch—for thread painting, freehand appliqué, raw-edge appliqué, Battenburg lace Three Interchangeable Soles • Closed metal sole—similar to Darning Foot #9 with the needle centered and visible

Bernina SPEEDYLOCK 1500

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is to 1. is in 2. in if itis if it 3. if it 4. of lint, of 5. 6. Do is 7. Do off (0”) all 8. To 9. Do To by all is 10. to 12. Do it It 13. Do in 14. 15. or in SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS iNTRODUCTION THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING OUR OVERLOCK MACHINE This overlock machine can stitch dependable seams on all kinds of fabric, both light and heavy, including cotton, wool, rayon, tricot, jersey, and knits. You do not need a special table for this portable machine. We suggest that you read this instruction manua


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Fig. 3. We metro izquieroa, y al misrrro tiembo aolicando usa pequeha presiort opuesta o contrapresion en el punto For outside cumes place under the presser toot in a similar derecha. Vet Fig. 3. con su mano 3manner out aooiying the pressure in the ooposite directions. F Para curvas extoriores, .4 colocar 01 material bato vi pie prensatelas dv manera similar pero aplicando las presiones enIa drrecciones opuestas. Fig. 4 Fig. 3 Fig. 4 REMOVING STITCHES FROM SEWNFABRIC Eliminar los sobrehilados de

Bernina Sewing Machine

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Your sewing computer has been tested and factory set using a double layer of cretonne fabric and Metrosene 100/2 threads (Arova Mettler, Switzerland). Normal position Different fabrics, threads and stabilisers can naturally affect the stitch balance so that they are sewn too close together or not close enough. This can be remedied with Balance to suit the fabric and produce perfect results. Denser stitch formation (shorter stitch length) Applications: Practical stitches, e.g. Honeycomb stitch on

Bernina SEW E-Z W338

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Caution: Make certain the POWER SWITCH is in the off position before inserting the batteries. 2. Insert (4)AA batteries in the battery slot compartment in the bottom of the machine. Be certain the batteries are in the correct polarities as marked on the machine. Then replace the battery compartment cover. 4 Threading the machine Threading the machine 1. Raise thread spindle (C) by grasping the exposed top and pulling upward until thread spindle (C) is fully extended. 2. Place thread spool (E) on