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2. Follow all safety instructions. 3. Check tbr leaks according to directions in this Grill Guide betbre operating your grill, even if purchasing an assembled grill. 4. Keep this Grill Guide for future reference. 5. Contact _ 1-800-933-0527 should you need assembly assistance or have any questions. I To THE INSTALLER OR PERSON ASSEMBLYING THIS GRILL: Leave this Grill Guide with the grill tbr furore reference. I THIS GRILLindoors,IS FOR detachOUTDOOR leaveUSE ONLY.cylinder If stored then and prop

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4. Always pertbrm the Leak Test listed below before using your grill for the first time, if the cylinder has been changed, any gas components have been changed, the regulator flow-limiting device has been activated, or after a long period of non-use. 5. Do not attempt to connect this grill to the LP system of a motor home or trailer. LEAK TESTING THE REGULATOR, VALVES, HOSES, AND CONNECTIONS 1. Ensure the LP cylinder valve and all burners are "Off _'. 2. Ensure the LP cylinder is connected to th