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Avalon s ZC Kit

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ZC Kit – Large Pellet Insert (99200149) Minimum Enclosure Dimensions Min. Max. Recommended Height* 29” 31” ** 30” Width 36” 43” ** 40” Depth*** 18” 22” **** 20” * The enclosure height must be raised the same amount as the floor protection (e.g. if you are using 1” floor protection, the min. height is 30” above the sub-floor). ** The maximum height is determined by the surround panel size (the surround panels are 32” tall). *** When determining depth, include the facing material (drywall, tile, e

Avalon s Wood Burning Stove & Insert

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Avalon Wood Burning 1 Avalon Wood Burning 1 Firestyles For Life Your home is a reflection of your personal style. Why shouldn't your hearth appliance be the same? Just as furniture and objects of art are both functional and please the eye, so can your stove or fireplace. Avalon has beautifully designed works of art to let your personal expression shine through. No matter what kind of decorating taste you have, Avalon hearth products will enhance it. Choose the fire that best expresses your home'

Avalon s Tree of Life

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Why shouldn’t your stove be the same? Avalon has beautifully designed products to let your personal expression shine through. No matter what kind of decorating taste you have, the Tree of Life stove will enhance it. Available in Black, Majolica Brown and Cashmere, simply choose the color that best blends with the look of your home to begin heating with style. The Tree of Life Story Inspired by the gothic arches of cathedrals in Europe and a love of nature, the Tree of Life’s delicate branch and

Avalon s Stove

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Firebrick © Travis Industries 4080725 100-0115 4 32 Maintenance 32 Maintenance Weekly Maintenance (or every 5 bags of pellets) - continued Sweep Ash Into Ashpan WARNING: The firebox becomes very hot during operation. Let the stove cool completely before conducting service. a Lift it up and away from the firebox. Swing the side ash trap door up. b Repeat for the opposite side. Ash Trap Door c d Slide the ash pan trap door forward to expose the ash Lift the firepot out of its holder. dumps (the do

Avalon s Spokane 1750

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Measure corner clearance (D) from the top corner of stove. Measure front, rear and side hearth pad clearances from edges of the stove top. Floor protection must be non-combustible and at least .018” thick (26 gauge). Minimum hearth pad sizes: Model 1250 - 36” Wide x 37” Depth Model 1750 - 36” Wide x 45 1/2” Depth For all installation and clearance information please consult the Owner’s Manual or visit Your Avalon Authorized Dealer is Located At: Firestyles for Life Visit our Website at: © C

Avalon s Spokane 1250

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Simplified. On a budget or looking for a lower cost wood stove? The new Spokane wood stove line from Avalon is the perfect choice. The Spokane line is available in two entry level models that are ideal for small to mid-sized homes or for those wishing to heat specific areas of their homes. Avalon engineers have managed to produce a low cost wood stove with the great performance and style you've come to expect from Avalon. No frills added. Just beautiful, radiant heat. All models feature large c

Avalon s Rainier

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Operate only with door closed.OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: Front or rear blower (electrical rating: 115V, 60 Hz., 1.8 Amps)Replace glass only with AVALON supplied NEOCERAM ceramic glass (5mm).Do not route power cord under or in front of appliance. • DURAVENT model DVL with DURA-PLUS chimney• AMERI-TEC model DCC with model HS chimney• SECURITY model DP with SECURITY model ASHT or S2100 chimney • GSW model Super Chimney Twenty-One connected directly to appliance• SELKIRK METALBESTOS model DS connector with

Avalon s Pellet Pellet Burning Stove

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From its exclusive auto igniter to its easy-to-clean components, it is the most reliable system available today! EASY TO FUEL - The Newport Pellet Stove is designed for convenience. The entire top of the stove lifts up to access the huge 55 lb. capacity hopper, which will provide you with up to 50 hours of uninterrupted heating. EASY TO OPERATE - The Newport's unique circuit board allows you to run your pellet stove manually, by setting the feed rate and pushing the start button. This activates

Avalon s Freestanding Stove

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Glass Top of Firebox Spring Pin Lift the glass frame slightly, swing the top forward, then lift the glass frame to disengage it from the bottom guides. AAAA Twist 1/4 turn. Glass Frame Latch Bracket The spring pin will disengage from the latch bracket, opening the latch. Glass Frame Guide Re-Attaching the Glass Frame: a) Slide the two brackets on the bottom of the glass frame into the glass frame guides (hold the glass frame at a slight angle. b) Swing the glass frame into place - you may have t

Avalon s Direct Vent Freestanding Stove

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-Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance. WHAT TO DO IF YOU SMELL GAS • Do not try to light any appliance. • Do not touch any electrical switch; do not use any phone in your building. • Immediately call gas supplier from a neighbor's phone. Follow the gas supplier's instructions. • If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the fire department. -Installation and service must be performed by a qualified installer, service