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Armstrong Tools Flooring

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Begin at starting wall and work out. ¦ Lay first row of planks with tongue side facing the wall. Angle the short end to lock planks together. If the starting wall is crooked, trace the contour of the wall. Use spacers along all sides that butt up against walls to maintain 1/4. – 1/2. (6.35 – 12.7 mm) expansion zone. ¦ Install remaining rows and stagger end joints at least 8. apart. (1) Install long end of first plank in second row at an angle. Keep plank angled slightly off subfloor. Use a scrap

Armstrong Tools Carpet Cleaner

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For more details see MSDS. Armstrong World Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd 29-39 Mills Rd Braeside, Vic. 3195 Tet 1800632 624 wwvi armstrongflooring Manufactured in Australia by Peerless Jal Pty Ltd Head Office: 10-12 Raglan St Preston. Vic. 3072 Tet 1800800248 vnvvi peeriessjal com bl IÙ PEERLESS JAL ifOAMfiitar /M7 Armstrong Floorcare l K r T ! M J.* V \ .Vi Armstrong Multipurpose Floor & Surface Cleaner t. : ’ Flash Point: Shelf Life: Storage/Transport: Pack Size: Clean up: