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AEG WSP 7010

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via heating contactor£ N/PE - 50 H2 400 V i- For the Fitter 2.6 First-time Operation 2.6.1 Function Test Check the function of the fan for the storage unit by switching on the room temperature regulator. 2.6.2 Charging The units can be started without initial heating up after the function test. Charging takes place either manually with the adjuster of the mechanical charging control unit or automatically with the available Elfamatic charging control unit During initial charging, the char

AEG WSP 6010

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The elongated holes form the heating channels. When lifting the heating elements, make sure that the through holes in the side thermal insulation are not widened by the heating elements. Then push the cover plate (10) removed from the interior over the top storage blocks (fig. 12). 2.5.2 Electrical Connection The heating elements are connected electrically with 3/N/PE - 50 Hz 400 V or in the units WSP 2010 also with 1/N/PE - 50 Hz 230 V. Direct connection with NYM is possible. The number of

AEG WSP 5010

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Contactors, fuses and similar can be connected for this. • A later increase in the output must be approved separately by the responsible electricity supply company. Failure to notify the electricity supply company of the increase in the output constitutes a breach of the electricity supply contract. • The operating equipment must be designed for the rated consumption of the units. • The unit's rating plate must be observed! The specified voltage must match the rated voltage. • The unit must

AEG WSP 4010

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? _ 2. Montageanweisung Für den Installateur 2.1 Technische Daten_ 2.2 Gerätebeschreibung_ 2.3 Vorschriften und Bestimmungen_ 2.4 Montageort _ 2.5 Gerätemontage_ 2.6 Erstinbetriebnahme _ 2.7 Instandsetzung, Umbau des Gerätes_ 2.8 Übergabe __ 3. Kundendienst und Garantie_ 3.1 Entsorgung von Verpackung und Altgerät_ Français Sommaire 1. Notice d'utilisation A l’intention de l'utilisateur 1.1 Description de l'appareil_ 1.2 Commande_ 1.3 Consignes de sécurité_ 1.4 Entretien et ma

AEG WSP 3010

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the fans are turning. ... the safety temperature regulator "(N5, see page 3, fig. 1) in the air outlet has switched off. ... the control signal Z1 of the charging control unit is applied at terminal A1/Z1 in the storage heater. ch c 23 For the Fitter 2. Installation Instructions 2.1 Technical Data 245 30 О о 650 The unit must be installed and connected by a specialist under consideration of these installation instructions. WSP 2010 WSP 3010 WSP 4010 WSP 5010 WSP 6010 WSP 7010 Wi

AEG WSP 2010

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Therefore no inflammable, ignitable or heat insulating objects or materials such as washing, blankets, newspapers, containers of floor wax or petrol, aerosol cans and similar may be placed on or in the immediate vicinity of the heater. Washing must never be hung over the heater to dry. Danger of catching fire! • The following minimum distances must be kept from the heater by all kinds of objects, e.g. furniture, curtains and textiles or other flammable and non-flammable materials especially fro


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температуру выпекания. (становится липким, скользким, водянистым) Времени на выпекание не Увеличьте время выпекания. хватает. Время выпекания нельзя сократить путем увеличения температуры выпекания. В тесте слишком много Используйте меньше жидкости. жидкости. Соблюдайте нормы продолжительности замешивания теста, прежде всего при использовании кухонных машин. Пирог слишком сухой. Слишком низкая Установите более высокую температура выпекания. температуру выпекания. Выпекание продолжается Сок


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Use the floor nozzle for loose rugs and the upholstery nozzle for curtains, cushions etc. Confined areas: Use the crevice nozzle for crevices, corners and radiators. Hard floor / parquetry: use the hard floor nozzle to avoid scratching (7460, 7480, 7481, 7485, 7486, 1800 TRIO). For the perfect care of your carpets: use the turbo nozzle. The rotary motion of its brush gently loosens short-pile carpets where the dirt has been trodden in. It removes stubborn fluff and pet hairs (7480, 7481, 7485


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AEG-Eiectroiux viva spin 7418, 7440, 7460, 7480, 7481, 7485, 7486, 1800 TRÍO Bodenstaubsauger Gebrauchsanweisung Vacuum Cleaner Operating Instructions Aspirateur traîneau Mode d'emploi Vloerstofzuiger Gebruiksaanwijzing Aspirapolvere Instruzioni per l’uso Aspirado de polvo Instrucciones de uso Aspirador Instrucgöes de utiliyacgäo НЛектр1кп окоипа 05n le^XPnoew^ Porszívó Hasznälati utmutato Odkurzacz Instrukcja obstugi Usisavac Upute za uporabu Podlahovy vysâvac Nävod na pouzivanie


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48 Kako doseci najboljse rezultate..................49 Praznjenje posode za prah.........................49 Ciscenje filtrov............................................49 Ciscenje filtrirnega vlozka...........................49 Ciscenje izhodnega filtra............................50 Odpravljanje nepravilnosti v delovanju.......50 Уважаемые покупатели............................51 Внешний вид (см. стр.З)...........................51 Принадлежности......................................51