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Manual de usuario Bumbleride, modelo indie

Fabricar: Bumbleride
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Nombre del archivo: indie-manual-x.pdf
Idioma del manual:enfr
Fotos y especificaciones  Bumbleride  indie
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Resumen del manual

To extend the canopy, move one portion forward at a time. Zip off the rear portion of the canopy to allow the canopy to extend fully forward. Note the viewing window on the canopy. The fabric flap can be rolled and tied down to allow viewing access into the stroller. To remove the canopy, locate the press buttons on each clip and press while pulling out of holster. Do not wash canopy using a machine. Only spot clean the canopy fabric. WARNING: Always snap extended canopy onto the back of the seat fabric when using with an infant in the reclined position. INSTALLING THE OPTIONAL BUMPER BAR Locate the bumper bar holsters on the chassis near the front of the seat. You will need to fold the bumper bar down if it is installed while you are folding the stroller. ADJUSTING THE FOOTREST To raise, simply lift the fbotrest to the desired position. To lower the footrest, pull on the corresponding levers beneath the footrest simultaneously and move down [2] Slide the bumper bar into the holsters so that it snaps into place. To remove the bumper bar, press on the release tabs on the side of the holster and pull the bumper bar out [1]. 1 To fold the bumper bar forward, push the bar into the holsters to activate the spring release and fold forward. USING THE SEAT HARNESS Insert buckles [A] and [B] into either side of the buckle housing [C] until they click into place securely. Carefully adjust the harness straps to snugly fit your child by adjusting the sliders located on all shoulder straps, waist straps and the central front strap. To open the harness, squeeze the buckle prongs and pull away from the buckle housing [Q. WARNING: ALWAYS USE SAFETY HARNESS WHEN CHILD IS SEATED IN THE STROLLER. | OPERATING BRAKE Apply the brake bar by pushing down with your foot Make sure that the brake is securely locked in place [1]. Ensure that the brake bar is engaged when parking the stroller. Release the brake bar by lifting with your foot. ADJUSTING BACKREST POSITION This stroller utilizes a four position backrest To lower the backrest, lift the lever on the rear of the backrest to adjust to the desired position. To raise, simply push the backrest up until it engages in the desired position [2]. 7 | Bumbleride 1.800.530.3930 ADJUSTING HANDLE HEIGHT Press the handle buttons on either end of the handle simultaneously and lower or heighten the handle height. ATTACHING SEATING FABRIC Your seating fabric can be removed and machined-washed using cold water and the delicate cycle. DO NOT dry using a machine. Raise the backrest to the upright position and begin by sliding the back panel of seat fabric onto the backrest [1 ]. Locate the lower Velcro straps on the back side of the seat fabric and secure them around the stroller backrest [2]. Locate the Velcro straps on the underside of the seat fabric and secure them under the seat frame of the stroller [3]. Fully recline the backrest and fold the fabric flap over so that push snaps [A] and [B] connect with snaps [C] and [D], [4]. ATTACHING FOOTMUFF Lift footrest fabric to locate zipper. Zip the accessory footmuff cover onto the lower footrest fabric. Attach the push snaps located on the footmuff to the corresponding push snaps found on the lower footrest fabric [5]. ATTACHING ACCESSORY CUP HOLDER Locate a small dime-sized steel knob on the right side of the stroller handle [6]. Press the plastic cup holder onto the knob and pull downward so that the cup holder locks into place. 1 2 INSTALLING AN OPTIONAL INFANT CARRIER WARNING: Some infant carriers will not be compatible with this stroller. To verify whether your infant carrier is compatible with this stroller, install the carrier WITHOUT your child in the carrier. Log on to to find a listing of current infant carriers that are compatible with this stroller. Always ensure that the accessory safety belt is buckled around the infant carrier before use. If the accessory bumper bar is installed, remove before installing the accessory universal adapter bar. Once the adapter bar is installed in the bumper bar holsters, locate two (2) black plastic "d-rings" sewn into the seat fabric of the stroller. Attach the accessory safety belt's clips to the"d-rings"and unbuckle the center buckle of the safety belt. Place the carrier in the seat of the stroller so that the backrest of the carrier rests along the adapter bar. Bring the accessory safety belt over the infant carrier and buckle into place. Tighten the safety belt to ensure security. 9 I Bumbleride 1.800.530.3930 info@bumbleride.conn FOLDING YOUR STROLLER 1 Begin by applying the rear foot brake. Locate the dual folding triggers on the handle. With your index fingers, pull them up to release the folding lock [1]. Before folding the handle forward, grab the upper backrest and tug upward to release the backrest from the chassis. To release, squeeze the backrest adjuster bar and fold the ha...


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